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Fun Badges for Adult Leaders!

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I need a break from the drama and seriousness!


"MooseTracker"'s moniker made me think, "Wouldn't it be fun if there was a 'Moose' Badge?" I want a Moose Badge. But what would the Moose Badge be for?


So here's the assignment: A fun or silly Badge Title, and what you earn it for (as Adult Scout Leaders). Ready, set, GO!





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"The Bee Keeper"

For the leader who has to deal with bizzybee scout, who want to participate in every other den but their own.


"Silly Socks"

I wear silly/goofy/loud knee socks at every pack meeting, the cubbies expect something spectacular around the holidays...st. pat= green shiny shamrocks, Easter - pink stripes with bunny ears at the knees, Christmas - tree lights that blink, Thanksgiving - brown/black stripes, Halloween-orange/black stripes.



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We used to joke that we needed to have a Sarcasm translating strip so that one of us could clue in the boys that the leaders were not actually serious when they made statements like "I bet that would go over real well."

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