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Are there Cub Scout spies at the CIA????

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First, read this article:




Now....remember in the Wolf Book how it teaches the Cub how to make invisible ink???





1. Use a secret code.

2. Write to a friend in invisible "ink"

3. "Write" your name using American Sign Language. People who are deaf use this language.

4. Use 12 American Indian signs to tell a story.







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I'm not sure about Cub Scouts, but I remember working on Swimming Merit Badge in Boy Scouts. One of the requirements was the "silent swim". I asked the instructor what the practical application of this skill was. He confirmed my suspicions when he matter of factly said, "escaping from enemy prison camp during time of war".


I don't remember whether it was in Cub Scouts when I learned how to make invisible ink, but from the linked article, it looks like our recipe (lemon juice) was more advanced than what the CIA is using.

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Odd! My swim instructor (Women's Air Corps veteran) told me it was for "advancing on the enemy position!"


Look boys, there's a reason why we call it "scouting" and not "just yer average youth group."

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