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Monthly Core Values.... same next year?

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Does anyone know if the monthly Core Values that were started last year be the same for the upcoming year? If so, will they be issuing new Pack Meeting Plans, similar to the ones published this year, but with different activities?




No one I've spoken to in my Pack or at Council seems to know.



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I was told that the core values will remain, however they will move them around to fit better. Faith in the month for Scout Sunday etc.


Not sure about the meeting guide. Maybe they will just do an addendum telling us to move meeting 4 to meeting 6 or whatever.



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I will guess they will figure out a way to redo the meetings so everyone needs to buy all new materils. ;)


I would prefer them to move to certain themes that repeat, the things cub scouts do, cooking, outdoor/camping skills, nature/animals, sports, fitness, safety--sort of like the boy scout themes that nobody seems to focus on anymore either.


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Pack362Den1, do you really think they are going to change the order of the values, like moving Faith to match up with Scout Sunday? Where did you hear that... is it a nationwide thing, or just for your Pack? I would be a little surprised, because even though the BSA designates the 1st Sunday before February 8th to be Scout Sunday, not all churches recognize Scout Sunday on that day, or even in that month.


The order seems pretty good to me right now. For instance:


September is "Cooperation" (emphasize teamwork and volunteering as the year starts)

November is "Citizenship" (Election Day)

January is "Positive Attitude" (New Year, resolutions, fresh start)

April is "Faith" (Easter, Passover)

May is "Health & Fitness" (weather is warming up, outdoor activities)

June is "Perserverance" (look how far we've come since Sept)

July is "Courage" (Independence Day)


I agree with 5yearscouter! In fact, several of our adult volunteers are trying to get our Pack back into the things that make scouting different: camping, nature, outdoors, safety, etc. I guess it will be up to us to incorporate these traditional scouting activities into the Core Value program as we can.

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Our pack originally had the year set up so that each month had a core value and a theme that goes together. some were moved around a bit to match what happens each month here in phoenix. for instance you don't do outdoor sports in august. the dens who focused on that order for their meetings seem to have accomplished more in the year with more excitement. some of the core values fit in more than one place, so they often get totally mixed up and switched around.


we roundup in august so it's Communication & making new friends (tv station visit, morse code)

sept- outdoor skills (camping, hiking)

oct- Safety (fire station visit, first aid, police visit)

nov- citizenship (veteran's parade, veteran's day flags at cemetery, visit to state capitol)

dec- Faith and Family (doing for others in varying ways)

jan- Building things (derby, woodworking)

feb- collections and cooking (blue and gold decorations and food)

mar- Games and sports (cub olympics, bike rally)

apr- outdoor skills (LNT, World Conserve, birds, animals rocks)

may- music & magic (graduation talent show)

june- fun in the sun (day camp, swimming)

july - science, engineering and technology (rocket derby)



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