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Minute to Win it Games

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We did a quick trial run at our last pack meeting. We ended up with mixed results.We did one of the medium level ones and the boys were having problems with it. We are probably going to have to use the $100 level games the next time.


we are planning on having our Spring Campout activities centered around the MTWI format. So we're going through the games to try and figure out which ones will work for us. I'm excited about trying to put it all together. I hope it's successful, so we can start implementing them in recruiting and then bringing them to pack meetings.


My wife's company did them this past year during their Customer Service Appreciation Week, they ended up doing the ones that use Office supplies and had a blast with it.


Keep us informed for how it's going for you.

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We used Minute to Win It for a pack meeting. Big hit! We chose Junk in the Trunk, Movin' On Up, A Bit Dicey, Nose Dive, and Rapid Fire. We chose games that were inexpensive and sanitary for groups. You can find descriptions and videos of all the games on the MTWI website. We had the MC call the time and rotate boys through different stations. The boys really had a good time and it was easy to do.

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