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Wolf Elective Question

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Maybe a dumb question, but here goes...

In the Wolf electives, there are multiple things listed under each elective.

Does the scout have to complete everything under the elective, or one of the things.


For example. Do the scouts have to do one of these things to complete this elective, or do all 6 of these things?



A. Read a book or tell a story about American Indians, past or present.

B. Make a musical instrument American Indians used.

C. Make traditional American Indian clothing.

D. Make a traditional item or instrument that American Indians used to make their lives easier.

E. Make a model of a traditional American Indian house.

F. Learn 12 American Indian word pictures and write a story with them.

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It's not a silly question, it threw me off too when I was going through it.


The answer is that each of those count towards one arrow point. A wold will earn a gold arrow point for every 10 of those that he completes. So, for example, he can complete 3 from American Lore, 2 from Spare Time Fun (elective 5), 3 from Foot Power (elective 7) and 2 from Be An Artist (elective 12) and earn a gold arrow point. After that, he earns 1 silver arrow point for every 10 electives. So you can pick and choose your electives.


There is a caveat: if you are working towards the World Conservation Award, the cubs have to complete every part of 2 out of the 3 electives listed (Birds, Grow Something, Fishing) in addition to the project and Achievement 7.

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Each requirement of an elective counts separately.


Your Wolf Cubs can do 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or even all 6 if they feel like, of the Indian Lore requirements, and they should get credit for each one that they complete.


If they complete all 6 parts, they will have completed 6 of the 10 electives needed to receive an arrowpoint.

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