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Camping Nights Per Year

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I'm curious how many nights does your Troop campout each year. Can you camp to much? We started our Troop in April and have camped out 14 nights so far with another 6 scheduled thru December. Our Scout Calendar, September - August, has a total of 32 nights on it.





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Our Troop has a w/end campout every month Jan-December. In July we have our week long summer camp and in early Aug, a weeklong summer trip or high adventure. Been a 60 year tradition that (barring camporees and holidays) the last w/end has been the Scout campout. And I'm glad to have gone on those campouts for half of the 60 years. Keep the outing in Scouting, to use an over-used (but not always practiced) cliche.

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I suppose you could campout too much, and I would love to be a member of that troop as well as a lot of other scouts (and scouters)


32 nights a year comes to 2.66 a month which means at least one weekend trip a month with summercamp ?


Sounds alright to me, do you want to increase that number?

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It is not possible to camp too much but it is possible to lose focus on the aims and methods of Scouting if all you do is concentrate on camping and not on being Boy Scouts who camp.


This year:

25 nights available for all troop members (4 nights lost to trips that fell through)

32 if you are in the venture patrol (add 1 week high adventure this year but we usually aim for 2)

42 if you are a venture patrol member and OA (add 4 OA weekends and a section conference)


Me: 55 planned (including my personal trips.)

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I'm with Mike,

# of nights camping is not as important as correct use of the scout methods and achieving the aims of scouting. Camping is just sleeping in the outdoors. It's what you do when your awake that counts.


The outdoor method asks units to hold an 'outdoor' activity once a month, it doesn't say camping once a month. The quality unit award for troops asks troops conduct six highlight activities (such as hikes, campouts, trips, tours, etc.) and attend a Boy Scouts of America long term camp.


That being said most the scouts in my son's troop will camp 18 to 36 nights this year. Some of the adults will be more due to participation at training courses.


Bob White

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Thought I would post before leaving on a weekend campout!


Our troop has 9 weekend campouts planned for this year as well as Summer Camp and a High adventure trip.

That has been pretty typical for us.


Some of the kids would be out every weekend if they could!

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