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Gearing up for this year's Pinewood Derby next week and I have an unusual question. Since we have such a large group this year (not complaining) we have secured a sound system and microphone so that I won't have to scream at the top of my lungs for 3 hours solid.


The system that we are using is capable of tying into an Ipod/mp3 player and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to play a little "racing type" music during registration and after the event during snacks.


The selections have to be very family friendly (for obvious reasons) BUT I wanted to shy away from very old, or "kid type" music. I've come up with the following:


-"Life is a Highway" Rascal Flatts

-"Real Gone" -Sheryl Crow

-"Red Camaro" -Rascal Flatts

-"Upside Down" -Jack Johnson


and...I'm blank. I can't think of anything else. I'd like to have at least 10 good songs that the kids AND adults would like to hear. But, all I've got is this 4.


Any help/ideas would be appreciated!

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To start things off, the Liadov Fanfare:


Speed Racer:


Jonny Quest


Hawaii 5-0



Top Gun opening credits:



The University of Missouri Run-on, Fanfare, Missouri Waltz, Tiger Rag, and Eye of the Tiger!

(hint: There are more Eagle Scouts than you can shake a stick at in Marching Mizzou!)


And here's some music from Gunz N Roses and Bon Jovi:

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since you seem a little country how about almost all of Jerry Reed's soundtrack to the original Smokey and the Bandit (east bound and down etc) and lots of choices from the Beach Boys and Jan & Dean from the 60's: Little old Lady from Pasedena, Dead Man's Curve, Little Deuce Coupe, Fun, Fun, Fun etc

Good luck

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Chuck Berry;;;;




(bada badabadum...)

As I was motivatin'

Back in town,

I saw a Cadillac sign

Sayin' "No Money Down"!


So I eased on my brakes,

And I pulled in the drive;

Gunned my motor twice,

Then I walked inside.


Dealer came to me

Said "Trade in your Ford!

And I'll put you in a car

That'll eat up the road.

Just tell me what you want

And then sign that line

And I'll have it brought 'round to you

In a hour's time".


I'm gonna get me a car

And I'll be headed on down the road.

Then I won't have to worry

About that broken - down, ragged Ford


"Well Mister I want a yellow convertible,

Four - door de Ville,

With a Continental spare,

And a wide chrome wheel.

I want power steering,

And power brakes,

I want a powerful motor,

With a jet off - take.

I want air condition,

I want automatic heat,

And I want a full Murphy bed

In my back seat.

I want short - wave radio,

I want TV and a phone!

You know I gotta talk to my baby

When I'm ridin' alone".


Yes I'm gonna get that car

And I'm gonna head on down the road.

Yeah, then I won't have to worry

About that broken - down, ragged Ford


"I want four carburetors,

And two straight exhausts,

I'm burnin' aviation fuel

No matter what the cost.

I want railroad air horns,

And a military spot,

And I want a five - year guarantee

On everything I got.

I want ten - dollar deductible,

I want a twenty dollar note.

I want thirty thousand liability"

That's all she wrote!


Well, I got me a car

And I'm headed on down the road

((No money down!!))

And I don't have to worry

'Bout that broken - down, ragged Ford.....



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