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Webelos Properly Dressed for Overnight Campout

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I could use some help. In teaching Outdoorsman there is a requirement "1. Present yourself to your Webelos den leader, properly dressed, as you would be for an overnight campout. Show the camping gear you will use. Show the right way to pack and carry it."


What is properly dressed for an overnight campout?

What is the right way to pack?

What is the right way to carry it?

Is this up to the Webelos Den Leader's judgement?




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This would be a good time to enlist the help of a den chief or other boy scouts. The Boy Scout handbook also has much of the information you have asked about.


The specific answers to your question obviously depend on the specifics of the trip they are preparing for. What time of year and what weather will be expected? Will there be a short hike to the campsite or will it be plop camping? Even putting those things aside, there are several basics as far as layering, chosing sleeping bags and packs, etc that are almost universal. Beyond that, I would say, yes, it is up to your educated judgment.

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I think it mostly means dressed appropriately for the weather and activity, so it will vary depending on the time of year and where they're going camping.


Assuming that it's appropriate for the weather, their uniform would be the best choice.


As far as the exact equipment, IMHO, you have a lot of discretion. Some kids will not yet own an ideal collection of equipment. When I was a Scout about a hundred years ago, it wasn't uncommon for a new tenderfoot to show up with all of his stuff packed in a suitcase. It's not an ideal way to go, but if you're close to the car, there's really nothing wrong with it.


Currently, I don't really own a set of boots. (Hanging head in shame). So for me, if I'm camping near the car, being dressed appropriately probably means tennis shoes.


I'm a few years away from Webelos, but I have to believe that the Webelos book talks about the requirements, so that would be your first resource. Also, this requirement is identical to one of the Tenderfoot Boy Scout requirements, so the Scout Handbook would also have a lot of good information.

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I agree it depends upon a lot of stuff: weather, activities, location etc.


For this weekend 70s/50s and sunny is the weather and we're car camping.

I know what we'll need to have and dress like for this weekend. I didn't know if I was supposed to go over ALL the scenarios and such. Sounds like something I'll do over several times over the next year as situations change.


Maybe I'll get a BSA book.

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Yeah...what they said!


You don't show up for camping in march with swim trunks and a tank top on. You don't get ready for a June or July campout with a parka and ski pants on.


Never ever wear flip flops. Doesn't matter if car camping or not. A stick can jab anybody between the toes in half a second!

Wear good, sturdy, yet comfortable hiking shoes/boots. Might want to wear quick drying breathable ones in the summer,waterproof insulated boots in the winter.


Plan for different weather extremes. Might be warm today, but could be wet, windy and cold tonight.


If your son is like mine and prone to find a mudhole in the middle of the Sahara, you might plann on 3 sets of clothes for each day.


It's all pretty much using commonsense. Don't bring a sun shelter to sleep in. Don't think a blanket that keeps you warm in a regular bed at home will come close to cutting it in a tent.



And don't bring Sunday clothes, dress shoes or a bunch of electronic games, dodads, or stuff that you don't need.

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x2 With Blanc.


Have an experienced Boy Scout come early and set up a display with everything he would pack along for a campout, then have him explain each item as it is packed away in order until his pack is neatly filled. Webelos will ask a thousand questions and it's a good way to pass a den meeting.

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Just make sure your Den Cheif doesn show off all his cool toys ;)


Seriously though, having your DC or a Scout or Venturer come in and do a demo is awesome. AND I wouldn't limit it to just Webelos, I'f have them do if for all new cubs and their parents going camping for the first time. I did that last year with my Tigers, and again with My Wolves and Tigers. It helped.

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The Fieldbook is different from the Handbook. The Handbook has all of the rank requirements as well as info about all aspects of scouting, while the fieldbook has more detailed info about outdoor activities and skills. Both have the basic information that you were talking about, and both are good resources. I don't think the actual Handbook is online.(This message has been edited by The blancmange)

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Webelos book has an overview of what you need for an overnight campout on page 352 in the one I have in front of me.

some variation of


wear Uniform

Hiking Boots or sturdy tennies

Webelos Book

Water bottle or water backpack

small personal First Aid Kit ( or a couple of bandaids)

Flashlight with fresh batteries

Sunscreen if needed

Pocketknife with whittling chip card

Trail Mix or other trail snack food (or have them keep with den food--not in tents)

Map/Compass (this one you probably won't have depending on where you are going)

Bug Spray if needed

Rain Gear if suspected

Toilet paper not a bad idea

Whistle (it's on the outdoor essential list and I hate to see cub scouts with whistles cause it means dead eardrums)

Tent (or plan to share with a friend)

Sleeping bag (and/or layers of blankets depending on weather)

Sleeping pad

pillow (opt, or use a pillow case with all their clothes in it for the weekend)

Change of clothes/socks for each day plus extra socks

Toiletries Soap and towel

Jacket, coat, gloves, hat depends on weather

Mess kit (unless your den box has eating gear)



Class B Tshirts



we make a list for the boys like the above

one side the essentials to wear or carry in a small backpack that they may need for a hike or campout

and the other side the things they need for an overnight camp to put in a backpack or bigger bag

punch a hole in it and suggest they put the laminated card on their small backpack (camelback backpack if they have one) that they use for most of the activities.



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oh and for the show how to pack it and carry it


there are many options and it's going to change based on where you are going and if they have to carry it to the campsite.


we usually do a 1 nighter at a council camp the summer they first become webelos.

for that camp, they have to carry their gear to camp for almost a mile


we have a shake down check ahead of time

the boys bring their stuff and are expected to get it all into a backpack to carry to camp. we show them how to put clothes in large ziplock bags in case of rain (and smush all the air out if you need more room in your bag), they all pack up their gear and see if they can carry it around the block without falling over from the weight.


you can check out some backpacking info for how to pack weight wise, what % they should carry (probably no more than 25% of their body weight), and where to put the heavy items in their pack. but you have to give this info a little at a time to get it to stick with these young guys, and honestly their moms will try to take over the packing and pack them more stuff than they really need for their first overnighter.


that's why we have them unpack it at the meeting and repack it themselves, so the parents can see how hard it is for them.


Then we convince the parents that they want their boys to be able to do this for themselves and we can try to weed out the too much stuff. too much is usually the problem with webelos, but way once in a while you'll get a kid who doesnt pack a jacket, or a change of clothes and such casue they don't want to have to carry it.


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