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Cub Scout resident camp

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Yes, I realize they have staff to pay. In fact, all of the staff I've seen at day camps has been great, so they're definitely worth whatever they're getting paid.


I guess my main grumble is the fact that adults pay $90. I understand they have to eat, and they take up floor space in the cabins. But it seems to me that there ought to be a lower price for adults, which would basically cover these costs.


After I posted above, I realize that the program runs until 3 PM on Sunday, so it looks like it's basically two full days of activities.


By all accounts from others in our Pack, it's worth the expense. I'm not sure if my family's schedule is going to allow this (since we already have another 5 days of BSA camping planned). But the other Tiger Den Leader looks like he's going, and a few families showed some interest. So if we can make it, we'll try to do so, but it looks like the families who are going will be in good hands. I don't normally like "a la carte" Scouting, but we might need to bow out of this one.


The more I think about the price, I guess it isn't _too_ unreasonable. But remember, a Scout is Cheap---er, I mean Thrifty. :)

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If you look at it strictly from the standpoint of whether you could do something similar either with your family or pack at a lower cost, it will probably never be justified. But I think there are many intangible benefits from a well-staffed council camp event. My younger boy absolutely loves the things you usually only get in that setting: flags in formation before meals, the large group campfire, the enthusiasm and comradierie they get from the high school/college aged staffers.


I too am very active in the outdoors. My boys did more canoeing and hiking before age 8 then some scouts probably do their entire time. But they still love the camp-like experience of these cub resident camps.

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Staff pay is an expense, but not a huge expense from my experience. Based on a 40 hour week, my son made about $2.00 per hour. Granted, he had a tin roof over his head with screens and flaps on the plywood cabin he lived in and three squares a day, but.....

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