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I've gone and done it now......

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Well, at the committee meeting last night, the SM had a new item on his report which read : NEW SCOUTMASTER - it's time.....


I've gone and volunteered again.....


My first windmill will be getting the committee trained.


Windmill #2 is the Patrol Method


Please say a prayer for the boys...and a little one for me :)

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Good on you Quixote.


I suggest that you get a good stead from which you can tilt. My PL's saved me when I got the job so maybe they can carry you. My guys really enjoyed the responsibility.


And that might clobber windmill #2!

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I was in your shoes a little over 3 years ago...SM walked out on troop, saying he couldn't take it any more..I took over and told parents if they wanted their kids to have a troop, they would be expected to assist me in any way possible. The first step was to get trained; Scoutmaster Fundementals, Outdoor training, New Leader, etc...Also YOUTH PROTECTION. Then I looked to the neighboring Cub Pack for help. Now, I have 4 trained assistants, a trained committee, solid patrol leadership as well as an up and coming SPL. The position has gone from a job to enjoyment. Good luck to you, and welcome to the club.


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