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I'm in a little different position than most posters here in that my son in scouts is really my step-son. I'd do anything in the world for him that i could, just like my 4 year old.


I was Asst. cubmaster of his pack, and then crossed over to the troop last year as a ASM and have now agreed to step up to SM.


In the events we've had this year, usually, it's been without the presence of the SM so i've been doing somewhat double duty anyway.


When my son crossed over i asked him whether he wanted me to volunteer to be a leader with the troop and discussed with him what it meant and he agreed to my volunteering just as he agreed to my volunteering for the SM position. The one rule is he wouldn't be treated like all the other boys because i will not sign off of anything of his unless it is done as a troop or patrol and even then i want somebody elses name in his book. Usually on campouts i don't spend any time at all alone with him - when we're at scouts, i'm not "Dad" anymore, i'm the SA, or SM unless he has a personal issue in which case he has to tell me that he needs to speak privately to me.


I'm also his Sunday School Teacher (conned into by my wife who is the SS Super.) so he doesn't get much of a break from me on a lot of weeks, but he sees his father each week as well and his paternal grandparents once a week.


I'm hoping I can remain as impartial with his little brother when he gets into scouting.


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