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Down and Derby

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Depending where you are, call around to your county library, Borders book store, Blockbuster (before they close), any other video store (you never can tell), check with your local Unit Commissioner and District Executive, and any Cubmasters you are acquainted with.

Check the various movie threads on this site for

"plan Bs". "Second Hand Lions" is good.


Good Luck.

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Is this for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts or parenst to see?


It's definantly good for the adults to see, but the ones it is intended for don't get the hint.


Can't say how it works for Boy Scouts.


For Cub Scouts...it's dry, dull, boring and you will end up with a bunch of drooling , blank faced , lethargic scouts. Well...the last 15 minutes is exciting enough for them...but that's about it.


We started shoing "The Little Rascals" movie instead. The whole movie is based on a downhill soap box derby and it just the right age mentality for Cub Scouts.


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Yep, we have shown it to the entire Pack and all the boys had a blast.


Call your Council Service Center. They might have a copy. If not, call area Cubmasters. Most Packs got a copy the year it came out. Your local library is also a good idea.

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Our council has been giving them away like water lately. Ask your scout office if they have one, call your DE and see if he has a box of them in his garage, or ask your round table commissioner, even if your cub scout trainer.

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