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Combined PWD and BandG

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We have just found ourselves ina situation.


Let me give a background:


Our pack was scheduled to hold our PWD building workshop on Jan 15th. We'd have 3 scroll saws, 2 oscilatting sanders and an assortment of pattern templates if somebody couldn't come up with their own design.


One week later on the 23rd was to be a test run/ workshop where the track would be set up as wellas the tools.


The week after that, was the PWD on the 29th.


Now, we just had to cancel our Jan 8th den meeting night due to the winter storms and icy roads, snow, etc...


Many scouts were going to pick up their cars at that night, take them home and start.


We sold cars at our Christmas dinner, and families were free to get them fromthe scout shop if they wanted, but many took advantage of not driving 30 miles to the scout shop.



Now, here's the kicker. The day we were going to have our PWD ( at a local elem school) is now a 1/2 day makeup day for the snow days.


Originally, we were going to set up the night before, then run the PWD during Sat morning - which is now a school day.


So in order to not lose a weekof building ,or testing for those that have not gotten their cars yet, it was brought up very informally to me by the PWD committee that we do a conbo PWD and B&B. Cook hotdogs and have chips and B&G cake.


B&G was scheduled for Feb 12th.



And really, for B&G a few dens may do a presentation, but for the most part, we just get together and eat. Spend hours cooking, you eat. Some people complain about not getting any food, then we clean up for a few hours and go home.



So anyways, the leaders and committee are going to discuss this- this Monday night.


Anybody do this before? Any thoughts? Insights?


Pro's or con's?


I'll let you know what we decide and if we do, do it, how it trurns out.

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I wouldn't combine them. Just push Blue/Gold into March and give the boys more time to work on rank badges and other awards. Our Blue/Gold is in APRIL this year due to the fact that February is so darn busy!


PWD and Blue and Gold in one day is too much and it seems to me that you would be stuffing a good portion of your whole year in one day.



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I'm not opposed to pushing B&G back. Truth be told, it gets scheduled around NASCAR ( Daytona 500) and other sports.

But as far as advancement, we do not use B&G as a cutoff point or as a planned time table for rank or advancement.


We have had DL's hold back a week or even 2 weeks to present rank at the B&G to make it seem more fancy, but we don't rush to meet it.


The exception migh be the 2nd year Webelos trying to earn AOL. But in that same line of thinking, we usually have AOL ceremonies right before crossover which we hold in May.


Again, not opposed to moving B&G back, but our B&G is more like a southern family reunion:




And when we are not eating, a den might do a presentation or something, and some DL's present "special" awards.

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And if you do have your Blue & Gold Banquet a bit later, you can still say "Happy Birthday" to Scouting.


We often have ours in March. Just easier. Keep it Simple.


Scouting is grown up and mature, and won't be upset by "belated" birthday wishes.


Especially if it makes it easier for your leaders and more fun for your families.

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One of the Packs in our District always has their PWD in February combined with the B&G (The Blue and Gold is a celebration of the birthday of the Scouts - which is traditionally celebrated in February) because they rented a track from another Pack that happens to meet the same night they do.


They'll set up the tables around the track so the PWD is the entertainment for the evening. The meal comes from an events caterer that brings the food and utensils, sets it all up buffet style and leaves. As each Den goes up for weigh in they grab their food - by the time folks are ready for seconds, racing is beginning.


They have a great time - and it's well organized.


The BSA only gives suggestions as to how to run a B&G - there is no hard and fast rules on what you must do. So go ahead and combine the PWD and B&G - just have fun doing it.

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I'm con on this.


Pinewood Derby is typically 3-5 hours in a decent size pack (30-40 youth).


B&G can run all manner of time...


If you decide to do both, do Pinewood, do a banquet, sing Happy Birthday, and get out. Defer awards, announcements, everything that is not absolutely core to the event.


Cranky kids, who are cranky because they are long past "the fleeting moment of freshness" bedtime, are Hellions the next day, even if they are 365 day a year angels.

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Nah... If we combine, it would really be a PWD with hot dogs , a birthday cake and some recognition that it was a birthday thing.


But as far as awards go...I was just saying that few DL's "might" hand out special ones at a "normal" B&G event.


If we combine them, it would be to avoid having two big events back to back.


Basically, it would be a B&G that consists of hotdogs, cake, chips and a PWD race.

The only awards are race trophies and participation ribbons ( if the DL chooses to do so)


We don't do rank badges at regular B&G ...so I'm not gonna start this time.

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