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Another Klondike question: what do you put in a survival kit?

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Posting a reply from boomerscout that got sent as a PM -- he said it was OK.



I like your list. I would defintely add a Scout pocket knife, a pencil stub & a sheet of paper. When we winter camp (Boy Scouts) each also carries three feet of fluorescent surveyors tape - can mark trails, caches, attract attention.

Here's the official Cub Scout list, so should probably include all this as well: The 2003 edition of the Webelos Handbook lists these items as the "Outdoor Essentials"[2]. This list is part of the additional information for the Outdoorsman activity Badge.


1. First aid kit

2. Filled water bottle

3. Flashlight

4. Trail food

5. Sunscreen

6. Whistle

7. Map and Compass

8. Rain gear

9. Pocket knife

Matches or fire starters.


your small mirror is a metal mirror, right?

I would use two freezer bags, one inside the other. That way you have a carrying container while keeping the gear together

Someone once suggested one of those little hand operated, twist type pencil sharpeners. You put the twig in & tinder comes out.

I like to include a long-burning candle. You wrap the space blanket around yourself like a teepee with your head sticking out. Place the candle under the teepee, light it - you need to have a small vent near the bottom for fresh air for the candle. The blanket's reflective walls help reflect the heat onto the person.

If the parka has a rear game pocket, I like to carry a cut down wood shingle - good for digging/moving snow while keeping your hands dry.

I suppose carrying a water filter would be over the top?

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I've noticed some are worried about the Webs wearing wet boots and socks while out on the Klondike trail. True, I haven't seen 5-buckle arctics on kids in years; maybe Sorels should be required. However, I just know some will turn up in running shoes or other lowcuts. Suggest this as part of a survival kit: put on a non-cotton sock, then place the stockinged foot into a well shook out plastic bread wrapper (pull the wrapper up). Finally, put the shoe on, and pull the trousers down. The bread wrapper will usually stay upright; a couple pieces of tape may help.

The suggestion to use two ziplock bags -- one is to be placed inside the other.

We always carried a dime for emergencies -- makes a great screwdriver.

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