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Religious Medals

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Check to make sure that your church would be using this program, and not another.


Get the material and take a look at it. Girls can do this too. There is a program for 3rd grade kids that would fit them better.


In my experience, 7 one hour classes with some adjustments to lesson plans and more homework.


-- AK

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AKDenLdr- not all of the programs are the same for both boys and girls. I have a Brownie Girl Scout daughter and a Tiger Cub son, and we're Catholic. The programs might be the same for certain faiths, but not Catholics.


The medal program for Catholic Cubs has Light of Christ and Parvuli Dei (http://www.nccs-bsa.org/Youth.php). The medal program for grade school aged Catholic Girl Scouts has Family of God and I Live My Faith (http://www.nfcym.org/gscf/recognitions.htm)





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