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Anyone have SOAR MyPack instructions?

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My pack is interested in moving from our old website to SOAR MyPack to alleviate some of the web master burden. Does anyone have instructions on setting up MyPack (i.e. transfering info from Pack Master to MyPack, how to use the exisiting web address with MyPack, etc.) I reviewed the entire SOAR website and played with the demo, but it doesn't answer some of the questions I have. I called the phone number on the website and left a message, but so far nothing heard back. I'm wondering if this is typical of the customer service at SOAR.

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We use soar and it's great. But it's not Packmaster. We use packmaster too.


Matter of fact, I think most of our den leaders are going to start using TRAX spreadsheets because they are easier and more organized than Packmaster.


But here's the thing: Soar is not a packmaster type of site. It's more of a private facebook or myspace type homepage for your pack/troop.


It's not a records keeping/ advancement tracking kind of site. It's not for generating reportts or printing lists for council or scout shops.


It's just a scout oriented/themed website home page.

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SOAR is a small company - you will not reach anyone for customer support on Thanksgiving Saturday. They will return your call, on Monday.


I haven't used the combination of Packmaster and MyPack, but we use the Boy Scout version - Troopmaster and MyTroop. It is very easy to set up the web page from Troopmaster, and is probably the same with Packmaster. I'll give the directions for Troopmaster, and you can check Packmaster to see if it looks similar.


In Troopmaster, go under File to Export, then to SOAR. A box will come up titled SOAR Export Location, where you can select the location of the export file. There will probably be a default location, something like this: C:\Troopmaster Software\TM4 Write that down and hit OK. In a second or two, the file will be exported.


Next, go to your MyPack web page, to Import in the left hand column. It should open a page with a MyPack box, among other choices. In the MyPack box, hit Import. That will open another page where you have a few options to check, and a box to either type in the file location, or browse for it. Type the location or find it, and hit Import. The web page will load all the data into the web page. When I did it for our Troop, it set up everything - Patrols, leaders, parents, etc. It will send out a user name and password to all members. You don't have to type in any data to the web page.


Once you get used to the process, it literally takes about 30 seconds to export and import. I think you will find it very easy to use.


Once the page is set up, members can edit their profiles on the MyPack page - phone numbers, email addresses, etc. Let your members know those changes need to be made in Packmaster, or they will be reset on the MyPack page every time you export and import.


We are extremely happy with the SOAR product. I am setting up a page for our OA chapter, and we are looking at the possibility of using it for our District web page, as well.

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We already use Pack Master for record keeping, but need an easy to use pack web site since the upkeep of our old website it tough.



Thanks for the info. I guess, I just got to download it start playing with it. I just don't want to send out anything to the pack until it's set up so it sounds like I have to do the Pack Master sync last.

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We use SOAR for our troop (along with Troopmaster), and have been quite happy. In fact, the biggest complaint I have, as the adult who brought in the idea and have set it up, is that our parents and scouts don't seem to want to deal with account names and passwords (but want the security -- go figure). I have to constantly remind parents of their accounts, and either give them instructions to reset their passwords and provide them new ones.


Anyway -- customer support. I've not called them. But I have sent them email multiple times, and I doubt I've ever waited more than two hours for a response. We've been very happy in that regard.


Here is a caution, which I learned the hard way: if you use Packmaster/Troopmaster to create your website accounts (and export/import of the data is really easy), keep everything up-to-date in Packmaster/Troopmaster. Don't do updates (for example, to email addresses, addresses, phone numbers, etc) in MyPack/MyTroop. All that gets overwritten when you do an import. We had a small problem with duplicate accounts being set up, but that was resolved after talking to tech support.


Instructions for setup? I've been able to set up everything we do just by using the online help pages. They are very informative. About the only feature we don't use is online payment -- I had a few questions about that, which were answered via email, and everything is fine (but we don't use online payment -- due to a CO policy against us having a PayPal account).


We we're pretty happy with it. Going into our third year as customers.



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We use PackMaster and SOAR. Integration is pretty smooth and it is easy to set up. SOAR has it's advantages and disadvantages. It is very easy to set up, learn and use. There is some limitation in how custom your website can look. One huge advantage is that all of your roster imports from PackMaster, including awards, emails, etc.


When contacting them, use email. They are usually very fast responding to emails.(This message has been edited by pack212scouter)

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Especially for anyone already using Packmaster as an advancement and recharter tool, Soar is awesome. But, yeah, ya gotta be sure you don't have admin types trying to "edit" your members/roster, since the next Packmaster download wipes those changes out. But that's just a matter of making sure the left hand knows what the right hand is doing.


And we really really love the auto-sorting into Dens when the Cub Pack get reorganized every August, as people come and go. There's always someone "new" coming in a week or three after school comes back, and then those who do the "oh, never mind, we have Beekeeping classes on those nights" and drop off. If you keep up to date with Packmaster and do your SOAR exports, the "email list addresses" never have extra (or missing) emails with people getting hacked off about "why didn't you take me off the list" (or add me to the list) as the different "Den Levels" shoot emails around in "reply to all" to get organized, recruit leadership, etc.


Agree also that Packmaster is clunky and not "user friendly" at the Den Level, especially for "parts" of requirements. So our Advancement types use both: spreadsheets to more easily track the granular sub-detail meeting to meeting, and then Packmaster updates as elements are completed.




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