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So we had a great pack meeting last night. Did the ole "Boom Chicka Boom" song, but added some new and different twits to it : mime style, older sister style, teacher style.


Tyhe Cubs really liked the mime style : Try to show an explosion with your hands for "Boom", and flap your arms like a chicken for "Chicka"


Really, they got to stand up and burn off that extra energy.



Then after all den and pack awards , and advancement were given out, and just before my Cub Master minute and Scout's Reverance....


I made a dare/bet:



If 70% of ALL dens and Scouts stay active, keep showing up , and meet their rank by crossover time....


I will conduct.lead the last pack meeting of the season wearing a complete ballerina outfit , complete with tutu..


They boys laughed, they clapped and they smiled big time. They really went for that.


I had a DL ask me if I was sure and wouldn't I be embarassed?


Nah, I want the boys to laugh, see the humor, realize that stuff is embarassing only if you let it be and of course, it's a challenge they are really up to meeting.


How can You go wrong with that!


In unrealted news, my council is re-running my background check.... :)

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In that same link under Item #6


"Judgment Note: Can be great fun. Area that most probably fits into the "not what is done, but how it's done" category."



So. it's not like I am trying to convince boys to start wearing, likeing the wearing of or asking them to wear tutus and tights.


It's a bet: If 70% of all dens meet rank and stick around til crossover, I lose the bet and have to pay up by dressing as a ballerina.


If they lose the bet: WEll, not sticking around or getting rank is punishment enough , don't ya think?

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