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I'm (CM) looking for a good service project for the Pack to do between now and our Blue and Gold in February. Last year, we had a really good project fall in our laps. We collected and gave teddy bears to the local State Highway Patrol to give to children at traffic accidents. Well, the goal was to collect 100 to go along with the 100th anniversary of Scouting...well, we collected 234. Needless to say, there really isn't a need for more teddy bears.


I'd like to do something similar, but I'm kind of at a loss. Last year, we let the Den that collected the most throw a pie at me...which is why we collected 234% of goal...I think. LOL I like the idea of friendly competition and I'd like to continue this trend.


I've considered canned goods, but Scouting for Food is just before our Blue/Gold, so I think it may be too soon. I've thought about coats, but we'll be heading into spring, so I don't know how much sense that makes. Any other ideas?

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If you take a look at the adult requirements for the Year Of Celebration Award, in the section for service are some wonderful ideas. I was amazed at the volunteer opportunities at state and national parks, for example. I just registered at several of the area parks, and I can look into opportunities. Some of the parks even send me notices of opportunities that are appropriate for Cub Scout aged kids. It is not unreasonable to hike a couple of miles on a trail and pick up trash. The "Nothing but Nets" project is a more world oriented project. Anyway, right in line with things connected in some way to Scouting - a good reason they tied them to the Year Of Celebration Award.



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Jamist, getting back to the Teddy Bear idea...It's a good one - don't drop it.


As a former firefighter, EMS, water rescue person, I cannot tell you strongly enough that a teddy bear can make a world of difference to a chile who's house caught on fire, who was involved in a car accident or when something happens on the beach or in a boat.


Sometimes, it;s just the fear of seeing the EMS standing over mom or dad . Sometimes, when youyr riding along asleep, then shaken awake by the car slamming to a stop and the LOUD NOISE plus even the slightest cut on mom or dad's finger.


We had a 5 year old once who had a couple small cuts on her head, Simple cuts, nothing thata dab of alcohol and a plain ole small band aid couldn't fix.


But to see the little girl, you'd thought her head was hanging on by a thread.


We habded her a fluffy white teaddy bear with a little red heart in his hands.


let me tell you something: We could have cut that girls toes off and she wouldn't have been aware.


That teddy bear did something that mom, dad, and all the ems, firefighters and police couldn't do: Caml the girl down.


Thing is, there are alot of wrecks, alot of fires and alot of accidents every single day.


Once we hand a kid a stuffed animal, we DO NOT ask for it back.


So, supply is a constant issue!

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That sounds like it was a nice project. I must however disagree with the idea that there is no longer a need for teddy bears. Hear me out. Although there may not be enough time left this year to put this project im about to mention into place. perhaps it could be used in years to come. To follow the example of an amazing child from my area named Katie would be an exemplary project. She at about the age of six. All by herself (with parental support but, no prompting) choose to start her own np. It goes like this.


Each year she saves her allowance, birthday money, and asks for donations for her cause. She takes said donations and buys bears. Over the past few years it has turned into bears, games, coloring books, ipods, personal dvd player, etc... you name it.


These items are then given to those in the childrens hospitals that can not go home for christmas. The kids are not told where the gifts come from. All they know is that when they wake up on christmas morning they have gifts. Santa can find them even if they cant go home so to speak. Its a wonderful way to give back to the community.


Over the years this young lady with no prompting from her folks has gone from a few bears at one hospital to dozens of volunteer staff members of her np organizing and providing gifts to hundreds of children in multiple hospitals. read her amazing story for a clearer picture of a potential highly rewarding project for your pack here.




See you on the trail, ----RANBOW----


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My family is involved with the foster care system, we currently have one foster child, but sometimes have two. This is in addition to the four biological children we have. Last year, when my son who is a Boy Scout was working on his Family Life Merit Badge, we as a family had to perform a service project. Well, it just so happened that Easter was about 2 months out, so we decided to have an Easter basket item drive. We live in a very small town, but through putting boxes up at various locations, and announcing it at Cub Scout pack meetings, and sending flyers out through the Elementary school, we were able to put together 23 Easter baskets for children in foster care. People donated items as well as money that allowed me to go out and purchase items. We had about the same number of baskets for boys as for girls, and we had baskets for infants, young children, mid range children, as well as teenagers. The foster care workers were so happy! And even though I of course didn't witness it, I know the children who received the baskets were happy as well. It was very worthwhile and satisfying to our entire family!



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