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GREAT project!

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I was speaking to our Town Administrator a few weeks back about an unrelated matter when the subject of the Cub Scouts came up. He mentioned that they had gotten a grant to complete come improvements to the local park and boat landing here in town and had a little bit of the money left over. Town officials had tossed around the idea of some picnic tables for the area but weren't sure how to proceed. He asked me about the Cub Scouts fabricating the tables. At first, I thought about tossing him to the local Boy Scout Troop because I thought it may have been a little bit too much of a challenge for our boys, then...I reconsidered.


Our ACM took the raw materials that the town bought and fabricated pre-cut "kits" for the boys to assemble and screw together. We labeled everything and had directions printed out. We also held a leaders meeting the night before so that the leaders could get their hands on the materials before the boys rolled in.


After a brief pack meeting and safety talk, I let them loose on the kits. Within 90 minutes we had 5 tables. We even let the be the first ones to use them (we had a snack afterwards on the tables). We then loaded them up and took them down to the park.


Check out some pics from the project at: cubscoutpack29.blogspot.com



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