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What else does your Assistant Cubmaster do?

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About a week ago after our first pack meeting of the year, the CM and CC of our pack grabbed me during clean up and began the usual chit chat after a pack meeting. The CC turned to the CM and said "Well, Did you ask him?" CM looks at me and says "Would you mind being the ACM for the pack?" Of course I accepted the position, thinking it wouldn't be a problem, just a little more responsibility at pack meetings, helping out with awards so the CM isn't fumbling through all the bags trying to get names and awards right. The little things.


The current ACM is crossing over with his WEB II son to the troop this weekend, so I knew the position was going to come up. I am also aware this puts me on the fastrack to be picked by the committee to take over as CM in a year and a half when our current CM terms out. Once again, not a problem.


My moment of clarity hit me tonight, while I was planning for what our den would do at Cuboree this weekend. I realized that our CM will not be at this campout, (Her son is WEB I)Instead of having a traditional Fall Pack campout with all den's present, We are sending the Tigers,Wolves, and Bears to Cuboree this weekend, and then sending the Webelos to our Centennial Camporee at the end of the month. I realized I was now the program lead for our Pack at Cuboree.


I have read the requirements for ACM, and understand this is one of those moments where I "fill in for the Cubmaster" as needed.


Outside of the required role for ACM, what does your ACM do for your pack? I'm also looking for advice on the position itself, and how you handled the role of ACM. Tips and Tricks of the trade are more than welcome as well.



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What does the ACM do? The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind . . .

-- Because all Scouting is Local, and most Packs are pretty transitory (as Leaders "cross over" with their kids).


So the role is defined based on what you and other leaders communicate (or what you let it become if you don't set out your deal or your boundaries). And based on the strength and qualities of other leaders.


Often the tendency is to think the new guy will do what the old guy did . . . maybe that works, but not always. Your skills may not be his; the holes in Pack job needs may be different.


In my trainings, I note the following:


"Basic role: back up the Cubmaster / take on parts of the job that the CM would delegate.

-- maybe youre a better story teller or song leader?

-- maybe better at coordinating and communicating?

-- there is no one required Assistant Cubmaster role"


I also not that there are "Other possible assignments:

-- An outdoors Assistant Cubmaster can complement a CM who is more indoors

-- Great to take on Pack Helper roles like Membership, Outdoor Activities, Pack Trainer, Program Planning, Communications, Den Chief coordination or running an event."


The last point would depend in large part on how large your Pack is (larger Packs should get more involved and split up the roles more).


YMMV. Just my $0.02.


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Our Pack had never had an assistant CM until I (the CM) appointed one about 3 months ago. Let me tell you, he is the answer to a prayer. As far as what the ACM does, it really does depend on what your needs are. I am not as "handy" (i.e. woodworking, campfires, tent repair, etc) as he is, and he is not as comfortable speaking to the boys, parents, etc as I am. He has taken on a "behind the scenes" approach to the Pack, which is fine, but he still comes to Roundups/Meetings/Camps in uniform and contributes. Right now, he's in his shop cutting out wood and other material for a Pack carpentry project that we're doing this weekend. I would have never been able to put this together on my own...and keep all my fingers. Aside from being my "behind the scenes" man, he's also our camp chief, outdoors director, and Troop/Pack liason (he has a son in the Troop).

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Background: Used to be that our pack had a dysfunctional committee with a capital "D". The previous leadership all crossed out and left our last Cm as the only experienced person in leadership.


So... Our Cm acted as CC, Treasurer, Publicity Chair, and Advancement chair. for 6 years.


The ACM acted as the ACM AND as Cm ( in the ringmaster. emcee role) during pack meetings and pack campouts, PWD and B&G.


I just accepted the CM position in June. Now I am learning to be what the CM is supposed to really do , instead of what our CM did.


So, maybe not the answer you wanted, but i thought about buying our ACM some blue tights , a cape and an "S" patch for his shirt!

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>>Background: Used to be that our pack had a dysfunctional committee with a capital "D".


Wow...you mean there's more out there like that? ;-)


After two years as DL, I was talking to a leader from another pack and he got talking about this mysterious body called the "pack committee." Uh...the what?


"Well you know, the committee that 'helps the pack go?'"


"Uh....the what?"


"Maybe you've talked about the committee or seen a committee rep at your monthly leader meetings?"


"Uh...our monthly what?"


You get the idea...



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I was an asst CM for about 6 or 7 years in addition to being a DL, and a ASM for about 3 years. Thank God my youngest moved up. Now, I'm unnoficially an ASM for a troop and will be SM for a new troop we're starting soon.


As ACM, I kept the CM focused and both of us made a very good team at turning out some excellent Pack meetings. We had one that was so good, I was glad the year was ending so everyone would forget how high we raised the bar.


I actually got chewed out by our Unit Commissioner, during a meeting for taking too public of a role. I politely and quietly told this UC where the criticism could be placed. Soon after, this person was removed at our request from being UC.


In essence, the job is to act as a backup to the CM, find holes that need to be plugged and either plug them, or get someone else to plug the holes.


Job 1. Have fun.

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Ok, had to jump back in..as last night was a perfect example of my ACM and I work.


Had a leaders/committee meeting at the location where we are doing our carpentry project. I get there 30 minutes early, unload my truck (flags, paperwork, camp forms, signs, etc) he pulls up as soon as I'm done (I'm telling ya, he's got ESP or something). He's got the wood and materials on his truck. We start to unload as the other leaders are arriving. We get done and wait about 15 minutes (small talking) for everyone else to arrive. We have a brief meeting with everybody new rosters, fundraising, money, meetings, etc. and then the leaders break off and go with my ACM while I talk bills, membership, food at camp, etc with the committee. We both finished at the SAME TIME! It was amazing. Before I would have been trying to talk fianances while trying to nail together the project. It was almost poetic. LOL

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I noticed in the newest Cub Scout Leader Training Syllabus, the Assistant Cubmaster is listed as being in charge of the Den Chiefs. Dont' know what they think the CA does if there are now Den Chief's :). However, that's a role I've never thought of for the Assistant Cubmaster, and it makes sense.

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Thanks all for the great responses. Apparently I've been doing this job longer than I thought, since I've been doing all these things anyway.Cuboree went great this weekend. All the boys had a great time, whether it was doing the activities during the day, performing a skit at the big campfire show, or just running around the campsite. The common response I heard from the boys was "This was the most awesome day ever!!!" Gee, who knew a couple of days, without video games could be so much fun? (edited for Sarcasm)

I did see some trends that might need some attention:

I was surprised to see our Tiger den not interacting as a den, but as individuals.They all ate on their own, and went to the stations on their own, per the TCDL. What surprises me is that our TCDL's are both experienced Scouters and this is their 2nd rodeo with Tigers. Maybe it's just me, but I've always tried to get our den to do everything together on Pack campouts. I know it gives me a more relaxed atmosphere to talk to the parents and get to know them and to encourage the boys to grow together as a den.

I was able to sit around the campfire and chat with some of the Tiger parents and answer their questions about the scouting program, you know, the big picture stuff..Why we do what we do, what we're working towards, why we have the policies we do, etc.. For most of these parents, this was the first time they had been camping, so they very much had the "deer in the headlights" look about everything, but they weren't given much direction from the den leaders about what to expect, just here's how to get to the camp, here's the activity schedule, bring your own food. I guess the next Pack activity or campout, I'm going to have to create a camp flyer for the entire pack and do a shakedown meeting beforehand to answer any questions.

Oh well, just more jerky to chew on :)


Infoscouter: I saw that same requrement about the Den Chiefs, do I still get credit for the job, considering that is also my ASM position with our Troop .

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