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Had 2nd Den Meeting and MUCH better!!

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So... I didn't post after last week's meeting because it basically bombed big time. The parents were all sitting in the back of the room chatting and were pretty loud at times, the kids didn't know how to act with me as their den leader and were also following the example of their parents, and I was just a very nervous mess that time...


Tonight was much easier on me... I walked in there knowing I was going to have to force myself to be louder, force myself to talk, and force myself to keep moving forward. While I do have a ton to improve on, it went much better. They listened to me this time, I was able to get a meeting successfully completed, and I didn't leave there with a frown and ready to cry!!! :) Granted, not all of the children were there tonight which was easier (normally there's 16 kids in my den), but at least I got to test the waters with some stuff.


I have a great support system that I'm just finding out about as well.. Plus, I have 2 den chiefs, an assistant (my husband), and some friends that are also in the scouts as volunteers. Their son actually came to help tonight which was great because he's in the boy scouts and was able to help keep the kids in line.


I really was dreading going to the meeting tonight because of how it went last week. But when I left there tonight, I had a smile on my face and still do. I completely amazed myself. I have no public speaking experience and am in fact scared to talk in front of people. I was louder with the kids, I kept talking, I made sure they were listening to me, and I'm starting to learn how to keep their attention. It's definitely a learning process, but I am feeling much better about being a den leader and it was actually a lot of fun. :)


I'll keep you posted on how it goes as time goes on. :)

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Don't think of it as public speaking, think of it as corralling your own kid X 20.


These are KIDS. And, since the adults are acting like kids, treat them like kids too.


By the way, except for anyone working DIRECTLY with the Webelos, the parents should not be there. Especially if you have 16 Scouts. You don't need 16-30 chattering, useless, adults disrupting the meeting. With 2-3 Boy Scouts, and 2+ adult assistants, that should be plenty (if they are all really helping you and not just sitting around like the parents).


If the parents MUST be there, find them somewhere else, outside of the meeting room, to wait.

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Gonna tell you something my ACM told me after my first pack meeting as a new CM:


Although you don't remember, you've failed many times in your life.

Guess what happened the first time you tried to stand?

Do you think you caught the first ball thrown to you?

How about your first time on a bicycle?

First time you tried to tie your shoes?


This is called a learning experience. We aren't experts the first time we try something.

We have to fail a bit and get better as we develop skills.


You know who Babe Ruth is? One of the greatest baseball players ever, Had over 700 hits and home runs. Did you know he struck out 1,330 times?


If he had quit or given up baseball because he struck out alot, where would he have been? What would the history of baseball be like?


Don't worry about screwing up when you try new things.


Worry more about the stuff you would miss ouyt on if you didn't try!


It' gets easier every time we do it."


I thought I bombed my first pack meeting. But as he pointed out...it was my first one.


I was better my second one. Got applause from the crowd.


Third? Don't know yet, I'll tell you after it happens! :)(This message has been edited by scoutfish)

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