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Cub Master Minutes

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Okay, so I had my first pack meeting as a Cub Master. In my opinion, I thought I bombed it,. Talking to the COR, The ACM,and a few others, trhey thought I did pretty good for my first time. Matter of fact, the ACM explained that the first time and maybe the next time will teach me more than anything I can read in any book on hosting pack meetings.


Anyways, I think my biggest problem was distinguishing between what the CC does and what the CM does. I was originaly planning on announcing stuff that - in hindsight - is stuff the CC would announce. Did I meantion that this year is the first year we had a real CC and committee?


So, at the end, I presented a Cub Master minute. I told a story that I read right here in this site.


Matter of fact, it was a ScoutMaster minute that Trevorum posted about the "poorly skilled " scout who was awarded the BSA medal of honor for saving a life.


It went over really well with the crowd. I'm glad too as that story has always stuck with me since the day I read it.


It didn't need any explanation other than what/where Philmont was to those who never heard of it.


So I have already compiled about 6 more Cub Master minutes in my files for future meetings. I need more.


The problem I have is that so many readily availablre Cub Master minutes are really Scout Master minutes that most likely will go over the Cubs heads.


Some are skits and others are well. too sermonish to really be a Cub Master minute.


I need them simple and light or risk the Cub Scouts eyes glazing over.


Unfortunatly, I have not been in scouting long enough to gleen stories from my past experiences ...YET!


So, any suggestions for a website or possibly a book that I could borrow or get inspiration from?

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* Think about the stuff you and your family talk about, what is important to you at the time.


* Divy up the Cub Promise and the Law of the Pack. Each section will lend itself to a little comment, a question for the boys to mull over ...

"What does it mean to make a promise? Have you ever had someone not keep apromise they made to you?" that sort of thing.


* Actively ask the boys a question and solicit an actual answer. This is a good campfire thing, walking around the campfire and seeking answers. Noone really expects a Cub Scout age boy to think deep thoughts, but they will surprise you, given a chance.


* Remind them of some fun or activity they just had. Compare it to something else.


You'll do fine. It's the desire that is often lacking, but you want to say something and therefore you will. If the pithy thing isn't there, then just say the Cub master's benediction and wish everyone a safe trip home.



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You talked about "announcement" type things at the Pack Meeting, and the conflict between what you are responsible for and what the CC is responsible for. I heard something about this that sticks with me: "If it is not for the boys, it is for the birds." Our Pack Events (we got rid of meetings, since meetings are usually boring) are really more of a show and involving program from beginning to end. Besides letting the boys know about the exciting things that we'll be doing together in the coming weeks, there are no detailed announcements - all details are covered through Pack Communications, like the newsletter and email program. Think about it, if you start talking dates and times and requirements, it is no longer for the boys - they won't be writing it down. We only have them an hour - those other details can be covered more efficiently with the parents at another time. Once we circle up at the end, in those 30 to 60 seconds I can get them to stand still, I'll throw in my Cubmaster's Minute, a reminder about something we just showed, something from Baloo's Bugle tied to the Character Connection, or something personal on how it applies. Although I usually prepare something, I've found that something that grew out of the previous 45 minutes works better than what I prepared. The way we now run our meetings, after they break is when they get into an activity or game, run around, etc. We have a group of several Boy Scouts that take over at that point and run a game or two after we close from the main event.

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A couple of thoughts for you. I'm in the middle of my 3rd year as CM, so I know how you feel and I've been where you've been.


As for the CM minute. That's just it. Keep it to 1 to 1.5 minutes if at all possible. Anything more and it turns into a lecture. You do NOT have to have one every meeting, so don't be too hard on yourself if you can't come up with one everytime.


I try to tie the CM minute either into the theme for the month, OR just the month on the calander (I use the calander more than BSa monthly themes). Last month, it was a reminder to have fun, but BE SAFE when trick-or-treating. I talked real quick about sticking together when out in the neighborhood and how the "buddy system" works well in 'real-life' situations, not just scout outings and swiming. It gives something tangilble for the boys to think about.


This month, I use Thanksgiving as a theme and ask the boys to think about what they are thankful for in their lives. I then challenge them to find 3 people in their daily lives that help them out and THANK THEM for what they do. This can be mom and dad, a sibling, a teacher, neighbor, but the goal is just to get the boys to THINK about what others do for them and be grateful for it. Because, when they start to realize what others do for them, they can then begin to recognize whtat THEY can do for others.


As for the CM vs CC duties - split it up however you please. I'm not big on announcements other than to let folks know a run down of the dates for the next month's events. My CC is quite frankly stage-shy and does not like to get up and speak in front of a large group. So, we put them in the back of the room with the sign up sheets for upcoming events, and I play the role of carnaval hawker and announce what they can sign up for. i.e. "Kids, we have a pack campout next month... if you want to go camping with the pack, make sure your mom or dad signs you up with (insert CC name) at the back of the room before you leave! Don't miss out - only xxx spots left!"


In essence, its an announcement - but it energizes the kids into action and at the same time REMINDS the adults of whats coming up.


Most of all - just be yourself and have fun with it - you're doing a great service to the youth in your unit and very few will ever notice any of the foul-ups or miscues you see as so glarring in your eyes.


Best of luck...

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Okay, I saw a bunch at Boy Scout Trail that can be adapted for Cubs.


By announcements, usually stuff asking parents to not forget popcorn money, camping money, etc... small stuff. Usually only takes 5 minutes to do that and it's during a time we have everybody's attention.


I try to make sure my Cubmaster minutes are no more than 2 minutes. Usually they barely last 1 whole minute..


Yeah, short and simple or the boys eyes start glazing over! :)




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