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Cub Master - Not so bad afterall.

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Well, It's been 3 months now since I became Cub Master. Yeah, I know that it still a very short time overall, but still long enough for me to at least know what I got into.


We have had several leader/committee meetings, had our first den meeting , I went to my first roundup as a representative of the Pack and I even had to get a little bit strong armed to get somebody to do their duty ( that they promissed to do) as a committee member.


So I went to the first of 3 Cub Scout sign ups last night. We have 3 schools within 6 miles of our CO.


Signed up half the boys who showed up as compared to 2 and 3 that the other 2 packs signed up.


No, I know I wasn't the only persuading factor, but of all the Cub Masters there, I was the only one who actually talked to the boys instead of at them. I also walked around answering all the questions I could instead of sitting at a table and waiting to be approached.I also joked with the boys instead of just talking to mom and dad.


So, I think my biggest issue or worry will be our New Scout Orientation meeting in 2 weeks.


I know what I want to say, but hope it all comes out right. I decided that this time though - unlike past orientations -I will also give the CC and the Treasurer time to stand up and explain their part of the pack to the parents instead of me trying( I mean that sincerely too :) ) to explain their agenda.


If I make it through that, I'm home free!


Edited to add:


Oh I forgot one thing: Talking to a customer for who I was installing a garage door a month ago- He said that If I enjoyed being a Cub Master, apparently I wasn't doing it right. I thought he was being funny , but it turns out he was serious!





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Scoutfish, I was a CM many years ago and it was more fun than anyone ought to be allowed to have. I just loved it. But my son was in scouts already and I needed to move on to stay with him. Just stay focused on the little guys and try not to let the adults get under your skin. To me the cubs were far more fun than the boys. Such fond memories....

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Hey Fish,


Congrats on the successful roundup! Ours is this coming week so I'm hoping we do well also. I'm going into "season 2" as CM and I've had a blast so far...after a brief "breakdown" last week LOL. My issue now is trying to keep the program "fresh" while still keeping the things that we enjoyed last year. It's so easy to run out of ideas. I don't want to bore my veterans, but I don't want to skimp on my new boys either. Still working on that one.


Good luck to you!

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