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2010 recruiting

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Its good to hear that most of you are having an good year recruitng.


I just saw the report for our district with 11 out of 18 packs reporting in.

81 reported 35 applications turned in the top unit so far turned in applications for 12 new cubs

My sons Pack got 6 new cubs (but at least 6 didnt come back this fall)


I know that 2 or 3 Packs that didnt report had a lot of interest and may have 15 or so new cubs.


This is better than last year


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So far, between 3 school roundups, we added 28 kids, passed out an additional 17 youth applications to those who could not stay due to previous obligations and around another 12 or so at our pack meeting.


Handed out 8 Adult applications with 4 already turned back in with YP certificates.

Waiting until our New Scout Orientation meeting this monday to get a tally on what we end up with.


And though it's not conclusive yet, slightly over half

the applicatione we have so far are for Tiger Cubs.

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