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Geat first nigfht back!

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Tonight, we had our first den meeting of the 2010-2011 season.


So far, we signed uo 2 home schooled Tigers with possibility of getting 7 more home schooled kids overall.


I recruited my first Tiger Den Leader.


I recruited my first Webelos-I ADL.


And I handed the teasurer a donation check for $100.00 from a fellow for who'm I installed 6 garage doors today.


And nobody caught on fire! :)

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Yep! It's good to be back in the thick of it! We just had our 2nd den meeting last night. We picked up 3 wolves in our den. Got all the boys hopped on hoobie-goobie about going to Cuboree in a few weeks, got the new boys excited about being Cub Scouts.

It was amazing seeing the transformation from a year ago when the boys were just wide-eyed tigers, to now. The boys picked right up where they left off in June and showed me the stuff we worked on at every den meeting last year has stuck.


They helped the new boys with their Bobcat requirements, proper flag procedures. Definitely a thing of beauty!! Gotta kick the rust off the wild behavior though, but that will come in time.

It was really great to see my ADL step up and take over the entire den meeting. I could actually sit down and talk to some of the parents and answer questions in person, instead of email :)


It's gonna be a great year!

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Hey Fish,


That's great. I'm looking forward to our first Den Meeting of the new season this Sunday and then our Roundup on Tuesday! Can't wait to see how we do.


How did you get the word out to the home-schooled boys? I have ONE in my Pack but the only reason he knew about us was due to the fact that his dad is a pastor at a local church where another one of our boys go.


I'd love to put the word out to home school parents! Very little information online for kids in my area.

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Truth be told, the dad of twin tiger age home schoolers had a friend who's kid is a scout. He called the COR, who gave him my number.


I told him what scouting was about and invited him to our first leaders and first den meeting to see what it was like.


Granted, I did tell him that until we do our first roundup meeting, things were kinda calmer, but he got the idea.


Now, after talking to himand feeling him out, I discussed being a Tiger Den Leader.


I also gave him a Roundup poster.


Home schoolers have district groups too. They have their own version of PTA ( for lack of better word) and forums just like this for home schoolers/ parents.


Pretty much, he is going to post on their group site, their distric site and also word of mouth.


The cool thing is that these parents are kinda like acting teachers, principals, pta and such that arrange field trips, get togethers, activities, fall festivals, etc....they just don't have a school.


These people are practically scout comittees and adult leaders just waiting to be asked.

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Jamist, to add on to what Fish said...


I'm a homeschooling parent myself. Google your city + homeschoolers and you'll likely find a few homeschooling groups. You may also want to search meetup.com for local HS groups. Contact the group owner/moderator/organizer with your scouting pitch and offer to give him/her some info to pass on to the other parent's.


Another option is to ask if your library has HS services. In the city I used to live in, the library gave out packets of info/coupons for local businesses and organizations targeted at homeschoolers. If your library does this, ask if you can give them some flyers about your pack to add to the packet. Also check to see if there is a homeschool book shop or educational store in your area. They often have bulletin boards you can put your info up on.



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