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Tiger Adult Partner

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BSA does NOT run background checks on the Adult Partner who is living with the Tiger. On the youth application there is no background check release form, nor does it ask for the SSN of the parent/guardian. This is why a separate adult application is needed.


Right or wrong, BSA does make a distinction between an Adult Partner who lives in the same home as the Tiger, and one who does not.


They do not request a listing of all possible Adult Partners, with adult applications for each, because there is supposed to be only ONE Adult Partner. Any others are the exception, and are basically emergency substitutes.


I do not believe this is done specifically to discriminate against divorced parents with joint custody. BSA has no idea how, or even if, the Adult Partner who does not live with the Tiger is related/connected to him. They also have no idea of the particulars of specific custody agreements. BSA has no idea if the parent not living with the Tiger has joint custody, can only have short supervised visits, or whatever. This one application has to cover many different instances/bases.


As in other things, there are always "work arounds" that some folks use.


The parent/guardian who lives with the Tiger fills in the youth application, and states they will be acting as Adult Partner. Then whom ever they pass the job along to is the one who is the real Adult Partner, but is never listed as such on any BSA paperwork. Also, the parent who does not live with the Tiger, and wants to be Adult Partner, fills out the youth application stating their address is the same as the Tigers. No adult application is then needed.



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Actually, if you look at a youth application (I have one right here because we did our roundup tonight), the adult partner can have a different address than the youth--it's right there on the youth app. It does not specify anywhere that they have to share the same address and the app provides a line for the adult to have a different address. If you look at an adult app, it specifically says that the adult app is not for Tiger Adult Partners or Scout Parents, they must fill out the bottom section of the Youth App instead.


If dad is the Adult partner and not mom, then dad should have filled out the bottom part of the Youth App, and not mom.



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From the third page of Youth Application, the last page of instructions before the actual form, under "Cub Scout Pack", in BOLD typeset -


"if the adult partner does not live at the same address as the Tiger Cub, a separate adult application is required."


From the Youth Application form itself, in the bottom portion that is marked "Parent/guardian information -


"Mark here if the adult partner/ScoutParent is not living at the same address; complete and attach an adult application."



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OUI is usually Operating Under the Influence, similar or same as DUI - Driving Under the Influence.


So custodial parents or guardians don't get a background check, while grandparents - non-custodial parents - adult brothers or sisters - aunts & uncles - family friends all do?


That makes absolutely no sense.

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