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Rogue Den Leader?

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As a WDL, what could I offer the Tiger DL? or the Wolf or Bear DL? I was there for the Pack meetings, my boys did their part, and that was that.


Please don't confuse appropriate DL training and DL social interaction/communication as equals. If there are Tiger DL's out there who haven't a clue what's going on, get them training! The CM should be driving this point every step of the way! The Webelos DL is not responsible for training the Tiger DL.


If a Pack falls apart because of untrained DL's and ineffective CM/ACM's, that's a far different story than if a trained DL who's running his/her den effectively doesn't show up for a communications meeting when he/she has all the information readily at hand.


If the CM is communicating effectively and doing their job, the DL's are running their dens appropriately, extra meetings are pretty much a waste of time.



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No one is asking anyone to "train" the Tiger, Wolf, or any other Den Leader. However, in smaller Packs, it does fall often on the senior DLs to help and guide the upcoming dens. "...to help other people" goes for your fellow cubbers too. As to what you can offer: experience, mentors (the older boys), friendship, and a bigger presence. There truly is power in numbers. Refusal to attend meetings, whether you see them as "social" or not, is a sign of dismissiveness and unconcern for the entire unit. As for my Pack, we work together. That means being on the same page and getting together and talking things out. You can't do that on an email or a newsletter.

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