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Athlete pin requirement # 5 -- how do you interpret it?

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Hello, I'm new -- the mother of a Webelos Scout and a pretty active parent volunteer.


My son is working on his Athlete pin, and I have a question about requirement # 5 ("Do as many as you can of the following and record your results. Show improvement in all of the activities after 30 days." The list includes curls up, push ups, pull ups, standing long jump, quarter mile walk/run.)


My son did his first quarter mile in the middle of track season, with a good time, for him. But, now, he can't seem to beat that time. I see now that he shouldn't have run so fast at first. So, I am wondering what to do. So far, all I can think of is starting the 30 day cycle again....


I was also wondering about the wording of the requirement -- 'do as many as you can/improvement in ALL' -- wouldn't it make more sense to say 'improve in the activities you do'? I'd appreciate any explanation/interpretation from those who have BTDT.



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My interpretation is that "do as many as you can" refers to as many reps as you can of each activity - not as many of the activities as you can.


Did you discuss issue of the quarter mile time with his den leader? If any of the other Webelos in the den are having the same issue, it should be handled consistently for all of them.



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If it's the 1/4 mile... improvement can be measured lots of ways other than time like technique (i.e. breathing, running form, etc..)


1st I'd suggest him running the 1/4 mile with someone at the same level or in better shape than he is... on the same track, at the same time/weather conditions as he did the 1st time.


I also don't think there is a "cycle"... it's 30 days (or more) since the 1st time.

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This is what make scouting such a great program. Through scouting you have been given a perfect opportunity to show your son a very important life lesson: if you want something enough, work hard for it.


Adults often try to teach those lessons in what is glacial time frames for kids. In the sixth grade we tell them to study hard so they can get in a good college and later get a good job. Means nothing to a boy. But one of the advantages of this activity pin requirement is the quick turnaround. I'm sure in a few weeks of working out, your son can not only achieve his goal, but gets the fairly immediate recognition of receiving the pin.


Yeah, you can probably parse the language of the requirements and find or create a loophole. Or you could advise him to start the requirement over, this time sand-bagging on the initial, benchmark tests. He would learn something from that, too.

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Thank you -- this is all such good advice.


Snow White -- I will talk to the den leader, should have thought of that. But, even if the den leader is flexible (as I think he will be), I want my son to complete the requirement.


dg98adams -- the conditions were not the same. It was cool in early May and hot & humid for the last run. Also, son's early runs were done during track practice, when he was running around and around the track for one hour, 3 times a week. Now he is running practice 5Ks three times a week -- just different. No one else is doing the 1/4 mile now -- and, you are right, kids do seem to do better with some companionship. But I like your idea of extending the 30 days a bit.


Twocubdad -- I wouldn't sand-bag the initial tests, not really. I was just empathizing with my son's utter discouragement at getting slower, despite doing a lot of running. He is working on the persistence part of Athlete -- and did a fantastic job last year of sticking with the 1/4 mile swim until his time improved.


So, we will extend the 30 days a bit, go out early for cooler weather, and (if that doesn't work) talk to his leader.


Thank you all!!

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Improvement can be misleading. It does not necessarily mean faster time, shorter time, or more reps.


Think of this as if YOU were at a gym. Your PT wouldn't expect you to lift 20 lbs today, 30 the next day and 75 the next.


Nope, your trainer would expect you to do the same reps, the same weight, the same everything...but with the goal of your conditioning to make it easier for you. You will get stronger and do the same work with less effort.


Right now, if I was to go outside and run 800 yards, I would be out of breath and panting after I finished.( assuming I couod finish!)


Probably even feel the burning in my throat and lungs. But if I kept that same routine up each week, and maintained a pace, I might do the same distance, the same time, but find it easier and easier each day.


Soon enough, If I keep at it, I will run that 800 yards without breaking a sweat and without even breathing hard. Might not even raise my heart rate much at all after I get used to it.


That would be a remarkable improvemnt without decreasing my time or increasing my distance.


Yeah, it's be amazing and nothing short of a miracle, but you get what I mean, right? :)

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No, but you could say I sold the same amount of stuff, but did it with less expenditure...which still equals more profit per sale.


Or as it relates here: same work with less effort, which happens to be a physical improvement.


Kinda the whole concept behind aerobics and cardiovascular exercise.

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Here's an update --


My son started the Athlete pin again -- partly because I (and son's sibling) needed to exercise too. We went to the track five morning a week about 6 or 6:30 (to beat the heat), timing a quarter mile runs MWF and a 50 yard dash TuTh. My son improved over 30 days and beat his spring times by a decent margin. Competing with his sister made my son run faster!


We are still going (to the track (with a week off for Cub Scout camp), as I want to start a lifelong habit of family exercise. So, overall, this has been a great learning experience for all of us.


ETA Son ran very well in our local 5K recently, and that really energized him.(This message has been edited by Eliza)

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