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How much do you spend per year on your cubs ?

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How much do you spend on each boy per year on awards ?


Assuming official awards only - belt loops and pins, rank badge, ect. (Fun patches not included)


$40 ? $50 ? $60 ?


I am not also including neckers, woggles, or books... just official awards...

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From creating a budget for our Pack, and thinking through the choices, we created a budget spreadsheet for planning purposes that addresses some of those variables, and I've recently posted a generic version of that at http://www.southfultonscouting.com/node/1066 (scroll down to the bottom for the spreadsheet attachment, and if ya like it, save it to yer system).


Now, your mileage may vary, as besides the basic Unit, Youth and Leader Registration fees, Packs may choose to "centrally fund" certain items, or make those "family assessments" to be reimbursed or paid directly. For example:

-- Boy's Life (we build it in to be sure all get this).

-- Leader Costs (registration and some supplies -- we build this in so as not to further impose on leader volunteers)

-- Handbooks (we build it in to be sure they have it from day 1)

-- Advancement Supplies (we budget for it, including estimates of Activity Badges and Belt Loops; so far no one has "armored up" too much on belt loops to blow the budget, but we do reserve the right to require an added contribution if that gets out of hand)

-- T Shirts (1 per Scout and Leader)

-- Banquet and Derby Costs

-- Admin Costs (Packmaster, Soar Website, Photo Site)

-- Special items (e.g., nice "Arrow Plaques" for our AoL guys)


So you could take from, or add to, what you pay for, and adjust accordingly on that spreadsheet based on your demographics (and taxes, etc.).

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Our cost per Scout is $125 per year.



- BSA fee

- Boy's Life

- Handbook & neckerchief

- All badges, patches, belt loops (no limit), pins, etc.

- Blue & Gold banquet (including entertainment, food, etc.)

- Pinewood Derby (trophies & Patches)

- Graduation campout - includes whole family

- Fees for rental of our meeting place

- Leader training, recognition & program materials

- Den materials budget

- Miscellaneous expenses



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Ours is right around $110/per year per Scout. Just for registration, boys life, awards, etc.


This does not include special trips or handbook.


This also does not include any belt loop they earn on their own outside of Scouting. Parents are required to pay for those themselves.

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Can't say what we spend on awards only as it differs from den to den. year per year.


But based on last years numbers, we averaged around $125.00 per Cub scout for everything. This includes pins, belt loops, ranks badges, arrow points, compass points, neckers, supplies, and books.

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The pack I moved to (had to move 45 minutes from our old one), is now charging $285 for new scouts, and $220 for returning scouts, in addition to at least $300 in fundraising (or you can buy-out and pay the pack $300).


Neckerchief, slide, hat, book ($30 or so)

Awards for Pinewood (Car and food not included)

Rank and belt loops

Raffle prizes (to bring in MORE Money)



This doesn't include food and lodging for overnighters, it doesn't cover den dues, day camp, resident camp, or any big outings.



When I looked at the books, I couldn't justify that much per boy. The COR knows what's going on, and is part of the request for so much money.


Needless to say, I'm not re-registering with this pack.

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Basic budget

Registration $35

Awards $30

PWD $15


Pack/Den Fee $20 crafts, costumes, snacks


Total of $105



Sooooo, why do you buy the boys books and neckerchiefs???? These are optional items. A boy does not need a book, neckerchief or uniform.

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Books are important, as are uniforms. They're part of the methods of the program to help instill those morals and values we're trying to teach.


With the new cub program, there's lots of homework, so a book is going to be even more important.

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I thought the point of the new program was all of the advancement was to do all of the advancement in the den meeting.


I agree that they are Methods, But would you like to lose a young man over Cost of the program, book, or uniform. I would like to keep the cost of the program low and not inflate the cost by adding it to program cost.


I have not seen the new program so I cannot make a decision on "required".


I will say that it is a nice touch to include it in the program and saves a parent the trip to scout shop for this gear. But the flip side is adds to the program cost, of course most will buy the books and neckerchiefs anyhow.


Parents flinch when they see $150 program cost. I am in a low/low-middle income area and things are still tough irregardless what is happening in the rest of the country.


A case of Pay me now or Pay me later. Lump sum or Pay over the course of the year.(This message has been edited by Basementdweller)

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I agree, we shouldn't lose boys over it, but uniforming is still an important part of the pack, and no one should be left out of it because, well, it's uniform.


We run district and unit uniform closets of old uniforms, we have parents who canvas thrift stores for uniforms and then recycle the patches off them on Ebay or to the boys (if they can use them) to pay for new uniforms. We ask Charter partners if they can help with the cost of outfitting a boy in need that shows he's dedicated to the program -- there are ways to make it work.


In my current pack, though, there's no ifs, ands or buts -- if you can't afford the $220 plus fundraise $300, then it isn't the place for you.

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