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I am planning a Scout-O-Rama for our district as part of my Wood Badge ticket.


Our district is quite rural, with no mall. We will be holding our Scout-O-Rama at our fairgrounds which are pretty visible from the main round. Most of our units will have to set up outside but we do have access to a building if we want it.


I would love to hear ideas that any of you have for encouraging the units to be creative, ways to do some mini fundraising, promoting the event, etc. The sky's the limit.


Thanks, I always love hearing from you.


I am REALLY excited to be doing this event and have wanted to for quite some time. Now I just have to get the units pyched up for it!

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How about a Merit Badge Midway for the troops. Each Troop picks a meritbadge and builds a display arond the requirements with hands on activities for the visitors. You could even get sponsorships from local businesses like a local radio station or newspaper for Communication, the local library for Reading, The city council or local politicians for Citizenship in the Community, The local resue squad for First Aid etc.

The art students at the Jr and Sr High can paint large replicas of the merit badge patches to mark the sites.


Hope you have a great event.

Bob White

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The Packs can try wood projects, my pack for years did a totem pole; community service (child safety, home safety, etc.), gardening, forestry, etc. Hands on and take home projects are big hit.


You should have participation ribbons for each unit, then also have judging by your distrcit committee and/or commissioner staff. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and lower is good idea, troop, pack and crew divisions.


Your site sounds good, Troops should outdoors, Packs and Crews maybe indoors, lots of signage.


Our Council pre sold tickets to the event, as well as tickets at the door. The ticket had a discout coupon on it as an incentive to buy.

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My favorites from the scout-O-Rama's

Pop Bottle Rockets, Dutch oven cooking contests, Pioneering, and Pioneering competitions.

Don't forget the cubs.

I would recommend that each booth post on a poster what requirements if any are passed off.

Don't forget the high adventure stuff. Climbing wall Scuba Pool.

If you are allowing the scouts to camp at the scout-o-rama make sure there is inspection and awards for the best / cleanest camp.


Orienteering course.

Opportunity for service


Lots of instant recognition.



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