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Need Help - West Point Camporee

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Some of the leaders in the troop read the article on the Naval Academy Camporee in Scouter last winter. Someone found out that West Point also has a Camporee. Wanted to know if anyone had any information. When is it normally held? Is it limited to older scouts? How do you register? Thanks

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Just a few things.

They will tell you at their own time whether your unit is accepted or not and it comes by letter.


If you are accepted, the brisk 3 mile hike ,more like 5. Kids loved it.


Carpool, Carpool Carpool. Only one vehicle will be allowed close to your site.


25' x 25' is teh max area for your unit. I'd suggest setting up a practice run on that. It is tight quarters.


Bring stuff to trade!


It is impressive, normally wet and muddy. Oh and USMA does not mean Marines!!!

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Our troop went last year for the first time. The web site referenced has a lot of information about applying. They only take about 20% of the units that apply, and those with a cadet sponsor have preference. You need to apply before December, then they notify you of acceptance around March.


You're also limited to 25 scouts, and the 25 x 25 area allocitated to each unit is for real. Units coming with 25 scouts and 5-6 adults really have to squeeze in. We had a hot, dry weekend,but I've heard that when it rains the camp area becomes a flood zone.


The hike in is only about 3 miles, and accept for one killer hill, the trail is fairly easy for most scouts. As the earlier poster said, they only allow in one vehicle for gear and adults that don't want to hike. The others have to park several miles away in a remote site and hike in over Bull Hill - so prepare for this.


The stations that the cadets ran are really a challenge for the scouts and they learned a lot from them. We formed 5 new patrols for the weekend since our regular patrol structure was broken up by having to limit it to just our 25 oldest scouts. Our scouts were somewhat frustrated by the waiting time at each station, but they finally got past that and enjoyed the event.


The dress parade at the closing ceremony was very impressive, especially since the scouts were taught close order drill at one of the stations.


One of the biggest problems with the event, I thought, was a total lack of shower or personal washing facilities. It was a hot weekend and we all reaked by Sunday. Plenty of port-a-johns were available though and they were cleaned 2-3 times over the weekend, so that part was OK.


One final suggestion - we arranged a tour of the Acadamy for Sunday following close of the camporee. The information for this is on the USMA web site.


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