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My greatest memory of my short Cub Scout career was Cub Scout Field Day in Wilmington, NC......probably around 1974. We had all kinds of athletic events and races and I won my share. It was a moment that I will never forget....things were fairly tough at my home because my dad was sometimes there and sometimes not. When he was there many times he was drunk. I needed something to feel good about myself and the pride that I felt that day and the confidence I gained was incredible for a little 8 year old boy.

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Well, I was never involved as a Cub or Boy scout as a child. Matter of fact, I am just now in my second year of scouting as an adult and my first year in a leadership position.


While at a pack family campout, I was helping with teaching BB guns ( oooooh yeah, we know NOW that - that was a big ole NO NO!)


So anyways, I was helping teach..ahem.. something, and had a small shy Tiger Cub come up and try toi shoot. I went over all the safety stuff and what not, and it was time to shoot. He took his five shots and missed each time.


Well, that Tiger Cub looks at me and says" I suck at everything!"


I told him to wait and after we cleared the range, went to fetch his target. I had a siding nail in my pocket, and as I took his target off the bale of hay, I poked a hole around the 7 to 8 point area of the target.


When I showd the Tiger Cub the hole...he gave me a high five and a hug. Then ran of real happy to his next event.


Later on, after everybody went through the "not so allowed" BB gun activity - LOL! This same Tiger Cub came back and asked if he could try it again. I said sure and we did it again. This time, 5 shots - 5 hits, 1 bull's eye!


WHat was different this time?


He had confidence! He gave me another hug and then drug his mom over to introduce me: " Hey mom! Mr.Mark taught me to shoot!"


NOw, I'm sure I will have alot of memories to go with that one, one day..but right now, that is my greatest one!

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