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Hiking Belt Loop

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Hey y'all. I'm confused about one of the requirements for the hiking belt loop. It says that the boys need to learn seven different trail signs and explain to an adult what they are and mean...for the pin. What are these? Are we talking about stacking rocks and such? Does anyone use that stuff anymore?

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The rock stacks you are talking about are called "cairns" Their usage now is discouraged based on LNT priciples. You may find some old ones in historic areas, and they are interesting to learn about, but I don't think that's what the pin requirements mean. I would interpret it as these kinds of signs:




As for as rules, I think with Cubs, as long as you follow the leadership requirements and buddy system, along with talking about any local hazards like water or heights, I think you are in good shape. Introduce first aid. In preparation, talk about proper footwear and clothing, and hydration.



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The new Sports & Academics book doesn't define trail signs.


It lists these points of Hiking Safety.

- Always tell someone where you are going and when you will return.

- Never hike alone or at night; use the buddy system

- Dress properly for the weather and environment

- Wear sun and insect protections

- Take an extra pair of socks in case you need to change

- Obey traffic signs and signals

- Avoid hiking along roadways

- Stay on the trail

- Be alert to your surroundngs

- Don't litter as you hike

- Be alert to dangerous animals, insects and plants. Never touch a wild animal

- Take 1 pint of water for each hour you will be hiking. Never drink untreated water


They also link to: http://www.americanhiking.org/default.aspx

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not sure what your talking about


Belt Loop

Complete these three requirements:

1. Explain the hiking safety rules to your den leader or adult partner. Practice these rules while on a hike.

2. Demonstrate proper hiking attire and equipment.

3. Hike at least 30 minutes with your adult partner, family, or den.


What you are refering to is part of the sports pin. You can chose another requirement, you need to complete 5 of 11 requirements.


Try these trail signs, a lot of Seton and Beards signs involve cutting blazes in the trees, a no no currently.


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Thanks infoscouter! That's what I was hoping to find. We don't have the new sports and academics books yet.


And Basementdweller, it is part of the pin but I thought it was interested and might be helpful, but given the confusion around it...I'd best leave it alone. Odd to think that a brand new pin requirement has something no one understands.

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