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CSDC and Charging Extra Fees?

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Non-profits don't make a profit, they have a "surplus" ;-)


In our council the surplus helps pay the salary of the staff person who has to

- reproduce the registration packet for distribution

- enter the info about who registered in ScoutNet, record the money received, reconcile differences between money received and money owed, issue receipts to units/parents

- send all the registration info to the camp director (me)

- handle late sign ups

- and just help us make the event a great experience


And no - that's not the DE, its his assistant.


Then there are the people in accounting who issue the Purchase orders we need, and then pay the bills for craft supplies, patches, food, etc.


And the IS guys who maintain the web site where we advertise the event, and the janitor who cleans the building they work in.


It also helps pay the salary of the ranger at the camp, so he can make sure the facilities we use are up to date and safe and the BB-guns and archery equipment aren't broken, and that there are enough targets and BBs and arrows.


In most cases, the "extra" money in your camp or event budget (sometimes called a service fee or contingency fee) isn't a profit to the council - it helps pay the hidden costs that parents and unit leaders don't see that go into making the event possible.


In our council, for our fall and winter day camps, we also hire staff - another cost covered by participant fees.


Event fees pay for what it _really_ costs to run the event, not just the obvious expenses.

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TRUE ENOUGH! But despite how vital the DE andsupport staff are, for whatever reason some folks don't like paid staff, saving youth in college or at summer camp.


I emphasize the maintence and expansion of our local camp as that is somethign EVERYONE in the district is behind. Complain an event fee at the camp is too high, remind or inform them that the council is inthe process of making improvements, and all concerns about "profits," "surpluses," or "the event as a moneymaker" arguments go by the wasyside with "OH,OK" "YES!" or "ABOUT TIME"

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