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Our council/district encourages JLT by providing incentives. Troops rechartering get a certain number of points for various items such as registering for district activities on time, scheduling one long term camp per year, certain % of rank advancement per year, providing a budget, staff for some district activities, selling a certain minimum of $ of popcorn per scout etc. One of the point tallies is JLT training for the scouts not by a rank level but for thoses in leadership positions. You need certain levels for the council to provide rank patches for free for the troop. None of this is policy or required but most troops shoot for the points required to get the rank patches,ribbons,plaques, and special temp. patched. Does your council or district do this type of thing?

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I think it is up to the CE what type of incentive programs they have as long as policy is followed. We are pretty lucky because the council provides all of our patches. The quality unit patch is earned by the troops complying with the requirements of the quality unit award.

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