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Outdoor Crossover Ceremony

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I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a outdoor webelos II crossover ceremony. I have looked all over the "web" and can't find any suggestions. We are looking to change things and do it at our spring campout but I dont know where to start. Thanks

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Last 3 bridging ceremonies have been outside in March -

Pack meeting held inside (warmer, dryer, etc). Cub master instructs all in attendance to fold arms and walk outside with the indian (like you would walk from parade field to council ring at summer camp) in silence. The hallway between the gym the outside door has no lights turned on. Instead of smudge pots, we have boy scouts holding candles lined down the hall. Once outside we have smudge pots leading to cross over area. After all the cubs are outside and getting settled down, the indian that lead the cub scouts outside whistles to the rest of the indians used in bridging and the rest of the troop to join him at the fire.


Outside we have traditional wooden bridge. Behind the wooden bridge are 2 larger fires (one each side of the bridge) and 12 smudge pots for the 12 points of the scout law. They are lit with explanations accompanying them. From there it's a fairly traditional bridging ceremony; each boy and parent crossover, the neckerchiefs are swapped and newloops are put on.


I think we have 4 indians used for the ceremony; the specific text used is up to the den leader and pack/troop liason to work out.

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