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At our last pack family campout, one of the Webelos dens launched a rocket kit.


I thought it was pretty cool, and so did most every sigle Cub scout who saw it.


So a few weeks ago, while shopping for some WWII model kits for my son's birthday, I ran across rocket kits. Thought they were reasonalbly priced.


So I told my wife I might get one or two this summer for my son and me to put together and launch.


Then I even said I'd buy one or two for the Webelos den I'm supposed to lead next year.


Then she nailed me to the spot: "What skill does that teach or show?" okay, she wasn't really taking me to task, she was just curious.



WEll,.............I have no idea at all. It was cool! What else do you want?


Okay, I'm not in the Webelos yet. I don't have a Webelos book either. But I'm guessing it has something to do with working on stuff...putting it together and maybe the rewards of doing something right instead of fast.



But I realize, that If I told parents we were going to launch a rocket.. I wouldn't have an answer if they asked why.



I don't think saying " It's cool! What else do you want?" would suffice!


So, is there some higher educational purpose to rocket kits? Chemistry? Aeronautics? Developing tree climbing skills to get cones back?


Oh yeah, don't worry, I'm slated to take BALOO, Leader specific ( for Webelos) and leader essntials in the next few weeks and months. I will have the proper training and books by the time I take on that leader position in Webelos. But as I am currently a ADL for Bears, I don't know!

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It's your lucky day. See Scientist activity badge requirement #8:


"With adult supervision, build and launch a model rocket. (NOTE: You must be at least 10 years old to work with a model rocket kit sold in stores.) Describe how Newton's third law of motion explains how the rocket is propelled into the sky."

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When I was a Web DL, our Scouts enjoyed model rocketry. Each Scout also built his own launch control box. We went on a campout and spent most of the day flying our rockets until we either destroyed them or ran out of engines. There are many science and engineering learning opportunities in model rocketry as well as teaching moments about following plans and maintaining safety.


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The Space Elective for Bears activity (d) says "Build a model of a rocket or space satellite." Does that mean only a non-launching rocket? Because I was thinking of getting a couple of rockets for our Bear den to launch. There are kits for littler ones that the label says are appropriate for younger kids with adult supervision. Just for the "cool factor" as well!

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Your local hobby shop might be about to order you the estees educational kit. Mine contained all the contents for 12 rockets (except the engines). This was a significant savings and all the boys had the same components to assemble together. Launch pad was seperate but you can borrow those. Hobby shop also give cub scout leader discount for the engines.


We did these with wolves and bears in 2 den meetings with webelos building their own at home. Launch day adults inserted the engines and placed on the launch pad. Use smaller engines so the boys can watch the rocket the whole way and recover them. Crowd control is important.


Wolf achievment was assembling a model elective 5g.


Great fun!

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I now TCs can meet and elective to build a model ;) Sorry can't cite chap and verse right now.


My pack just did a rocket derby 3 weeks ago and was so much fun, dspite the weather, that my den wants to do a nother one, and the pack may be doingit again!


Also since Space is the theme for CSDC in my neck of the woods, some of the camps will be building ... model reockets. Wish mine could, but we don't haev an area large enough.


Now some one told me about a "corn cob rocket" built with an engine and as corn cob, but I haven't tried it...YET ;) If successfull, we may do that at camp instead, that way when we lose the rockets, it's not a big deal.

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Forgot to mention, go to ESTES.COM (or google Estes Rockets) and look aroudn for the bulk group discount packages. Sorry I can't find the link, but it's there.


Also one of the things I remember trying to do at a "Dad and Lad" weekend 25+ years ago as a brand new Bear Cub was... making a model rocket. Unfortunately my father had more fun with it than I did. ;)

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