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Anybody here use Packmaster

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Does anyone here use pack master to track their packs advancment. I have been looking at this for our packs use. We have been using the free trax programs using excel lbased programs. They work good but there are some limitations.


I was looking at possibly using the .net portion of packmaster so that the den leaders coud og on and input their own achievment records.


Any input on this program wouldl be appreciated.

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Our pack uses Packmaster and it's great. Our troop likewise uses Troopmaster, as do most all of the troops around here.


You don't need a CD - you can just download the program off the web. Troopmaster is also testing out a pure web-based version.


We use the .net version in the troop, and the pack is going to start doing that too. Very convenient.

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I have used Pack master. Spend the extra and get the dot net option.


The problem with on line solutions is you need a network connection to use it. Most will work on blackberrys. Hopefully your Charter org has an accessible wireless connection.


I don't like parents entering achievements in to the database, irregardless of what you chose.

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My Pack just switched to PM in December to facilitate the online recharter process. We were using Scout Track for Cub Scout Packs which is internet based, allows the Pack leadership the option of allowing parents to input when their boys complete advancement requirements, electives, Sports & Academics Belt Loops and Pins and has a schedule, e-mail functions and produces reports useful to the Pack. The only thing it didn't do well is internet recharter. My CC couldn't get the database to upload and she was familiar with PM so we switched with the intent of allowing the Scout Track program to expire.


From my perspective, PM stinks! I have yet to close out of the program without crashing it and losing what I've entered in it. I am not allowed to put it on my computer at work so I have to wait until I get home to use it in the DotNet version. I can use Scout Track on my lunch break at work or from my laptop on a business trip or on my desktop at home or even the library in town. My den leaders are not happy with PM and of course the parents have no idea what is being used to track their boy's progress. I find it cumbersome and aggravating and truly prefer Scout Track.


Because of that, I renewed our Scout Track license and will make that available again to the Pack. The only exception will be that the Webelos parents will not be able to enter the advancement requirements since they are not the ones who can sign off on those under the program guidelines.


While it seemed as if the parents weren't entering information often, there are some who did and didn't like that they couldn't update their boy's records. My den leaders like it because they don't have to spend a lot of time in the den meetings going over the books and signing stuff off or recording what Akela has signed off.


Since we paid for a 3 year PM subscription, the CC can use that all she wants especially for recharter but I will have the Scout Track available for the den leaders and parents to use. Should have only gone with the one year subscription but thought we'd be saving money. Also should have tested it better before agreeing to switch.


Stepping down off the soap box now. Your milage may vary. Caveat Emptor!






Pack 13

Shenandoah Area Council


I used to be a Buffalo, and a good ol' Buffalo too...


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I have gone through and looked at the Scout Manage also. I talked with our New CC (He is the one that took over after my cousin passed) and he said that from what he sees in the brochure he likes it. I think that we are going to try the 30 free trial. See how well that it works.


Keep the input coming.

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PM is a much nicer looking program. I liked using it when we had it. Our Achievement Chair was asked to present PM at Roundtable to compare various tracking options. Another Pack presented ScoutTrack. The Achievement Chair decided that he would like to switch to ScoutTrack. It wasn't as nice looking, but the functionality seemed to fit our need much better. We have been happy with ScoutTrack for the 2nd year.

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Our Pack has used PackMaster for three years now. Our Troop for longer than that and the AHG unit at our CO for two years. We love it. It does almost everything needed and has caused no issues. Pay the little extra for the DotNet option. One of the great things about it is you can save the most recent copy to a hard drive. Then you can access your data for reference even if there is no internet connection (try that with a web based program!) You can even leave the database locked out, and update it at a non-internet site and then upload the changes when you return. The really cool think is that it now uploads all your information on scouts & advancement to SOAR websites. Their support is really good also.

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