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Need new activity ideas for our Spring Campout...

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I am putting together our Pack Family Campout in late April.


I'm looking for some new ideas for activities for the boys. We always do a hike, have an astrometer come out at night, have shot off soda liter rockets, done knots, and done dutch oven cooking demos.


Anything interesting that others would suggest ? About 30-40 kids total will be there.


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I'm starting to wonder, as this seems to be a reoccuring theme: "What can we do this year?".


Would it be wrong or against the program.....and I'm just talking about Pack Family Campouts here.... to just say screw it! And just have a pointless fun trip?


Instead of any particular merit or achievement based activities, why not just go with something like a 3 legged race , or sack races? Maybe a race wehere you go around an obsticle course while wearing scuba flippers on your feet.


Maybe a batton relay where you spin with your head on the bat 20 times then hand off a nerf football to your team mate who is 30 foot away, who in turn wears a blind fold and has to navvigate an obsticle course only by listening to team memebr #3's voice!


Coolwhip pie eating contests. Womanless beaty pagents for the dads.


Just old time goofing off!


I mean, isn't this okay?


Kinda brings back the whole "Fun is the priority" and also keeps the scouts from being bored by doing the same thing they do at den meetings.


I mean, I love camping, and I have only gone once with the pack, but I can see how doing the same thing for the next 2 1/2 years will get boring.


Basically, it sounds like alot of pack family camping is just a den meeting in a tent!

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Some thoughts:


Will you be near water? how about a fishing derby?


Near a good size field? divide the boys into teams and have some contests like tug-o-war or dodge ball. Maybe have prizes for the winning team.


If you can get access early how about concealing some prizes for a treasure hunt? May a scavenger hunt for specific natural items like a Y-shaped stick or an oval stone? Have the kids police the area gathering litter with a prizes for the most collected or the most unusual item (you get a neat campsite and have fun).


Set up a course where the boys have to find specific landmarks with a compass (and map if available for the campsite).


You didnt mention a campfire program. Load up on skits, songs and games, as well as the obligatory spooky stories. See if the Ceremonies Team of your local OA chapter had some ceremony they could perform by the campfire. If they had the time and expertise perhaps they could provide some instruction or stories of Native American crafts or lore.


Good luck!




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