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Blue and Gold Banquet

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The pack will be holding thier Blue and Gold Banquet next month. We are trying to come up with some ideas for the banquet. The theme of the celbration will be the 100 yr anniversary. Any idea on what we can do to make this banquet really stand out from past banquets?

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This is soooo off the top of my head, and without srious deep thought...but how about 100 year old stuff?

Pictures of your community, article from newspapers, tghose old tin signs selling gas, coke, motor oil, etc.

Maybe somebody could find or print scout recruiting posters from back then or a photo of a troop .

Maybe have a 1910 scout costume contest?


I don't have any idea of how feasable,practible, or expensive it is.

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A big birthday party. Pin-the-badge on the scout. Different activity station party type. Instead of gifts have everyone bring something for the local food pantry,women's shelter,homeless shelter type of organization. Doesn't have to be food could be tolietries. Have a den competition to see which collects the most items and they get to be first in line for cake. Sing Happy Birthday.

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Were using a variation of the same theme, sort of a scouting/camping/happy birthday mix. We began talking about it last year and had the vague idea of setting it up like a jamboree, to mimic the 2010 Jamboree, with ideas like outdoor patrol cooking and a camp-in, but couldnt quite make it work. Maybe you can if your neck of the woods is warm and snow free this time of the year.


Some things we are doing include:


* Having a Belt Loop Lane, to mimic the Merit Badge Midway, with four or five easy belt loops.


* Setting up a rifle range with elastic shooters.


* Using our artificial campfire and bringing in a professional storyteller for camp yarns and song around the fire.


Were doing pot luck this year and calling that patrol cooking. We were thinking of doing a chili contest as well. For dessert were having a birthday cake and for awards presentation were using the birthday present idea described in Baloos Bugle.


I collect scouting memorabilia so Im going to display some of that, but you can easily find pictures on the web to print out and make up some displays. Pictures of your local 100 years ago would be neat too. If you have a local historical society perhaps they could come a do a presentation of what your local was like 100 years ago (wish I had thought of that earlier).


Research some old Boy and Cub Scout games and play them. Have the boys do a Grand Howl or the Living Circle, which date from the beginning of Baden-Powells Wolf Cubs and used by the early BSA Cubs.


Good Luck!





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Ask around ( UC, DE, local SMs, school counselor, principal) for someone who tells a good story. An Indian story or Jungle Book story.

There are lots of "moral" stories that when told well will hold a Cub's rapt attention. The story teller will probably ask the boys to gather 'round on the floor, and the 5 or ten minutes they take telling one or two stories will be remembered. Aesop's Fables? Uncle Remus? Iroquois? 'Just So' stories? There are many sources available, and if your boys have never been exposed to a good "in person" story teller, they deserve it.

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