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Pinewood Derby Scoring

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The pack is having their Pinewood derby and I am looking for an easy way to keep score of the races to determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. I have downloaded 2 excel spreadsheets from various web sites and have used these in the past but they seem to have a few errors in tracking final scores. Are there any other programs out there that work for the Pinewood Derby? How do other packs keep score?



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We are trying something new this year: We are scoring NASCAR style! LOL!

We will still use the timers to see who is 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, but then we go NASCAR.


1st place car gets 4 points

2nd place gets 3 points

3rd place gets 2 points

4th place gets 1 point

All cars will run 4 ( in the corse of the derby, not back to back)times each ( once in each lane) to ensure equality in the runs.


Tie breakers are extra heats.


We did this to un-complicate the math and to keep the kids interest.

Used to be that we ran heats and cars were just eliminated. Problem is , one scout is out right away and the fun is gone.

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Many of the packs in our district have spent the big bucks on aluminum tracks with the computerized laser score line that tracks how fast a car actually makes it to the finish line. Each car races once in each lane. All four times are tallied together--fastest combined time is first place, and so on. The computerized scoring has also all but eliminated argumentative parents who think their kid beat the other kid in close races. The laser finish line eliminates that problem.


Those who have older tracks and/or can't afford the fancy equipment do similar to Scoutfish's pack.


When the District holds their event, they borrow one of the newer tracks/computer programs for the event.

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Moxie, we DO have a laser score line. Matter of fact, we just got a new track, although it is wood.


We just switched to "NASCAR style" opf scoring because ALL scouts and parents can redily grasp, understand and keep up with the score as the day goes on.

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We use vendor who sets up 3 stations:


Station 1: Classic gravity race, with computerized scoring. Best time of 3 is recorded.

Station 2: Think Pinewood Shuffleboard. The Scout pushes their car, with different scores depending on how close to the center the car stops.

Station 3: The long jump (also known as the wheel whacker). Gravity jump, points based on distance.


Awards are given for fastest car in each Den, and in the Pack. (top 3 in both)

Awards are given for the best overall in the Den, and in the Pack. (top 3 in both)


The nice thing about stations 2 & 3 is that even if your dad isn't a rocket scientist from the local defense contractor or the University - you have a chance of doing quite well.

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