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Movie Suggestion

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Really... F.M.B. for Cubs?


Although a great movie for boy Scouts,not likely a good choice for Tigers..


I'd suggest a G movie that hits somewhere in the middle age-group wise.


Disney movies are a good choice as they won't likely cause an up roar and probably are owned by a lot of families.


Here's an idea, have each Den contribute 2 movies choices (assuming they can be rented) then have the pack vote from that set of movies, where everyone gets 1 vote. CM (or the driver) is the tie-breaker.



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Down and Derby would seem like a good choice....


I've always enjoyed Disney's Man of the House. It stars Chevy Chase and Jonathan Taylor Thomas as a man and his girlfriend's son who join the YMCA Indian Guides to bond together (only the son is only doing it to sabotage things so his mother will not get married).


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How about The Jungle Book?


Most Scouts have never read the book, and don't understand the connection to Scouting.


Plus it is a good movie for the entire age range.


Make sure to get a signed parental permission slip for which ever movie you decide on.

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I'm not sure we'll be able to vote before the day we leave. We may bring several and have them vote on the bus.

For those that have seen it already, what are your thoughts on UP? It wasn't one of my son's favorites, but it was a good movie.

The span from 1st to 5th grade makes it hard.

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Would you believe...the old stuff? My son and some of his friends are actually really into Scooby doo. Not the newer stuff, but the old original stuff.


On one hand, they laugh at how "Old fashioned" it is. But on the other hand, story content really held your interest back then.



I also agre with "Man of the House" . It's funny, entertaining, and will keep the kids interested with it's slapstick humor. But they will also get lessons in trust,respect, working together, and reaching your goals without even knowing it! LOL!

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Where are they going on the bus?



Transformers is a poor choice, it is PG. Some racy moments especially in the young mans bedroom. Down and derby would probably bore the boys.




Surfs up

Monsters Vs Aliens

Jungle book would be great

Any of the Spy kids movies

Never ending story

Night at the museum


My Bear said anything with Godzilla, gamera in it. made me chuckle, We watch the B movies I grew up on Friday nights.


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I favor broadening their horizons alittle. They'll see Up and the rest at home or in the theater. Be adventurous. Second Hand Lions is very good: adventure, love and loyalty, bad guys lose, good guys win and it's a boy who wants to be a Scout!. A Laurel and Hardy or Marx Brothers flick (Music Box or At the Circus). Introduce them to the classics, if you can get a good copy of Max Fleischer's "Gulliver's Travels" (1939!) there are nice restorations available, my Cubs loved it (now that was 12 years ago, in Video tape!).


Bus ride with a movie. Captive audience...

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