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is COR voting member of pack committee

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But there is nothing to vote upon. Maybe the Committee Chairman would like a pack Committee Member to find and plan a large overnight experience- i.e. spening the night in a museum or naval ship museum. The Committee Member should do it. Period. No vote.


Actually, NO.


The CUBMASTER, as the Program person, identifies to the Pack Committee the need to do a Pack Family Overnight. The Committee, in plenary session, should determine a weekend that fits the Pack calendar. Then, the Chair asks his Activity coordinator (a MC) to find a volunteers to arrange/coordinate this event. THEN, the chair follows up, with encouragement and smiles and fresh hot coffee or cocoa. :)


There's a lot of ASKING in Scouting, followed by a lot of ENCOURAGING. Committees need to be collegial and run on consensus.



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Not to mention the discussion of weather or not there was interest among the Pack families for such an event, if the Pack families could afford it, and how much, if anything, the Pack could afford to pay to reduce the per person cost (which for a "large overnight experience" can be VERY pricey).


Not much use mandating that the Pack will do a certain event/activity, and then have no one actually show/sign up.


No, there isn't any voting as such, but there is a lot of discussion about ideas, ways, means, and improvements on past things, as a Pack's registered adults work TOGETHER at their monthly Pack Leaders Meeting.



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Yah, there are lots and lots of ways for committees to run, eh?


There is absolutely nothing wrong with voting, and nothing in the literature anywhere that says committees don't vote on issues. In some things, like recommending new MC's and unit leaders, they definitely must make a selection, and I reckon most groups make selections by votin'.


It's just fine in a cub pack, and often even best, if da committee runs by consensus most of the time.


BUT, there are problems with consensus, eh? Often passivity is confused for consensus, and passivity leads to opportunities for abuse. Treasurers embezzling, husband/wife teams running a pack for the benefit of their own children, all kinds of things. And a passive/consensus group often doesn't have anything in place to deal with conflict or hard decisions when they come along, where a group that at least conducts cursory votes does.


So dependin' on your CO and your pack, it very much can be a democracy, and sometimes should be.




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