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Rain Gutter Regatta Help

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Great fun for the boys. Make sure they PRIME and paint (and thus seal the wood) the boat. The boys can use the spray can PRIMER and an non-water based spray paint. A final coat of True Oil or varnish helps also (again spray on is easiest for the boys to put on and helps the stickers/decals stay in place).


You have already been told about glueing the sail. On race day bring a role of Scotch tape to help those boys who don't know about the glueing secure the sail. Have a blast with it.

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when my son was in cubs his pack did RGR but didn't use the kits... they used quart sized milk cartons. my son did all the work for his boats except the year he wanted to make a "pizza boat" and he laid out the topping onto the piece from where he cut carton in 1/2 and I took laminating paper and pressed it down over to keep it all in place - he tried and just kept pushing all the toppings off we were down to our last bit of laminating sheet otherwise I'd let him keep trying LOL


for whoever is running it... make sure the gutters don't leak ahead of time and caulk does work to stop leaks but is best to do when dry which we learned our first year LOL

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