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Some more training:

SSD Safe Swim Defense

SA Safety Afloat

CoS Climb on Safely

NLE New Leader Essentials

TLT Troop Leader Training

JLT Junior Leader Training (the old version of TLT)

WFA Wilderness First Aid

WFR Wilderness First Responder

LNT Leave No Trace


Some training providers:

ARC American Red Cross

NRA National Rifle Association

PADI Professional Association of Diving Instructors

ACA American Canoe Association

NOLS National Outdoor Leadership School

LNT Leave No Trace center for outdoor ethics


Some weird ones that come from the two-letter position code used when registering adults:


MC Committee member

SA Assistant Scoutmaster

IH Institutional Head (CEO of the chartering organization)


The big kahuna:


CSE Chief Scout Executive (top paid official in the BSA)




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While the big Kahuna is the CSE, there is also the very amorphous and perhaps vast group of BSA illuminati in various and sundry roles, those who decide things and sit on undisclosed committees, also known as


TPTB -- The Powers That Be



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Wow, we seem to have gone a little overboard. Hehe.


I appreciate all the input. ESPECIALLY the input that had ANYTHING to do with scouting.




Yours in Scouting,


David McCaughtry





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Perhaps a forums person could take this list and edit it into the first post in the thread, so that it doesn't get lost in succeeding pages of replies -- I put it together based on all of the "proper" acronyms suggested so far:

AM Adult Member

AC Advancement Chair

SA Alternate form of Assistant Scoutmaster (sometimes ASM)

MC Alternate form of Committee Member (sometimes CM)

ACA American Canoe Association

ARC American Red Cross

AD Aquatic/Area Director

AC Area Commissioner

ACM Assistant Cubmaster

ADL Assistant Den Leader

ASE Assistant Scout Executive

ASM Assistant Scoutmaster

AWDL Assistant Webelos Den Leader

BALOO Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (precursor to Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills if you've never been camping)

BOR Board of Review

BL Boy's Life

CD Camp/Climbing Director

COPE Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience

CA Chaplin Aide

CO Chartered Organization

COR Chartered Organization Representative

CG Chief Guide

CSE Chief Scout Executive

CoS Climb On Safely

CC Committee Chair

CM Committee Member/Cubmaster

CAC Council Advancement Chair

CP Council President

CoH/COH Court of Honor

CSDC Cub Scout Day Camp

DL Den Leader

DAC District Advancement Chair

DC District Chair/Committee/Commissioner or Den Chief

DD District Director)

DE District Executive

EBOR Eagle Board of Review

FD Field Director

GSUSA Girl Scouts (USA)

GTA Good Turn for America

G2SS Guide to Safe Scouting

IH Institutional Head (top person in the chartering organization)

ILSC Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews

IOLS Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills

JLT Junior Leader Training (now Troop Leader Training)

KS Kitchen Staff

LNT Leave No Trace

MB Merit Badge

NAYLE National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience

NAUI National Association of Underwater Instructors (see also PADI)

NCS National Camp School

NC National Commissioner

NOLS National Outdoor Leadership School

NRA National Rifle Association

NYLT National Youth Leadership Training (nothing to do with New York)

NLE New Leader Essentials

OM Operations Manager

OA Order of the Arrow

PT Pack Trainer

PL Patrol Leader

POR Position of Responsibility -- required to hold in a troop for so many months to advance in each rank past First Class

PADI Professional Association of Diving Instructors (see also NAUI)

QM Quartermaster

RC Regional Commissioner

RT Roundtable

RTC Roundtable Commissioner

SSD Safe Swim Defense

SA Safety Afloat

SE Scout Executive

SM Scoutmaster

SMC Scoutmaster Conference

SS Sea Scout

SPL Senior Patrol Leader

SSD Shooting Sports Director

T21 Tenderfoot to First Class -- a guide for taking boys from beginning scouts to earning First Class

Irving the National Council, based on the headquarters location in Texas)

Trail's End The people who make that popcorn

Supply Those who produce/distribute items for the Scout shops

TL Tiger (Den) Leader)

TDL Tiger Den Leader

TCD Trainer Development Conference

TCC Troop Committee Challenge

TG Troop Guide

TLT Troop Leader Training

UC Unit Commissioner

VC Venturing Crew

WFD Water Front Director

WDL Webelos Den Leader

WOE Webelos Outdoor Experience

WEBELOS We'll be loyal scouts

WFA Wilderness First Aid

WFR Wilderness First Responder

WB Wood Badge

WAGGGS World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

WCA World Conservation Award

YM Youth Member

YP Youth Protection (Training)

YPT Youth Protection Training(This message has been edited by BartHumphries)

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Yeah, along with PADI and NAUI, I should have listed SDI, PDIC, SSI, and IDEA. I myself went with PADI, because that's who the local dive shop is set up with -- they were just switching over from NAUI when I took my first class.(This message has been edited by BartHumphries)

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