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Flag etiquette

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During a den meeting, if you have an opening flag ceremony where the colors are posted, is it proper etiquette to always retrieve the colors during the closing ceremony?


I would normally always do this, but have a few alternate closing ceremonies in mind that won't involve retrieving the colors unless I need to.


Again, I'm talking about den meetings, not the pack meeting.





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As far as I know, it is not necessary to retire the colors at the end of the meeting. I don't.


We have a small, 4' flag that we use. I always start with a flag ceremony. The flag is then placed in a stand, and sat on a nearby table for the meeting. We always end with a Living Circle. After everyone is gone, I will put the flag away when I am locking up the cabinets.



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The opening and closing should be consistant. If the leader places the flag on the table before the boys come and the boys gather around it for opening, then gather around for the closing and after the boys left, put the flag away. If there is a ceremony where the flag is brought out and presented formally, then retire it formally. There is no set ceremony for any of this, adopt a tradition and that should be fine.


If one is a DL of a Webelos den, I would suggest finding out how the Boy Scouts where most of your boys will cross over to are doing it and then begin using that so the boys when they finally do cross over don't feel ackward during the ceremony.



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As the DL you don't HAVE to do anything. Any flag ceremony that is respectful is fine.


Although, when we get to the point in their handbook where folding flags, raising/lowering etc...is involved the cubs love the pomp of a ceremony. Heck, they can even do it for the Pack!(This message has been edited by dg98adams)

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There is nothing in writing, either from the BSA, or in the Flag Code, which states that opening and closing ceremonies be the same.


Nothing, from either source, states specifically that a flag that opens on a table, stays on the table, or that a flag that is formally carried to the opening, must be formally carried away at the closing.


In the Cub Scout Leader Book, it states that varied opening and closings are best. Under the sections describing den meetings it states that most dens include a flag ceremony in their opening. It also states that a closing ceremony is usually more serious and quiet, but does NOT mention a flag ceremony specifically for the closing.


If you look at the den meeting plans in the Cub Scout Program Helps, you will notice that the opening and closing activities are different. Even when the opening activity is a flag ceremony.


Bottom line is that having an opening and closing, of some kind, is a good way to bring the boys together to signal a transition in the meeting.


How you do your opening and closing ceremonies is absolutely up to you.




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short answer - no you don't


how ever, doing the flag open and close is great way for the boys to really learn where the flags go, what the commands are, etc...


we used a small US flag and a little holder - I didn't have a pack flag so we just had a piece of paper for the pack flag... when new I did the commands boys took turns being flag carriers for that meeting... as they got older and we had a denner then the denner did the commands. The reason for the paper was so that they learned that US flag gets carried on the right and goes on right hand of speaker so they got to practice stopping to let US flag cross in front and then at closing they got to learn that US flag was already on the right so they didn't have to cross.

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