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very cool gift for our pack

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Tonight our pack was given a flag from US Central Command and it was used in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. it was flown in the war and includes a transport form from camp Eggers, Kabul to Bagran Airfield on March 16th 2009 (or 16 Mar 2009 for all you military folks) where it was last flown over there.


A big thanks to 3 Marines and 1 USAF Col. whom i may never get to meet but will be forever grateful.


Thanks to GySgt Brian G Busch, James Davis and David Rossheim -USMC and Col. David Denning - USAF.


Now i know they make the display cases for flags - but does anyone know if a case is made that can also display certificates (2 8x10 certs)?

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