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Summer Pack activities ??? Help !!

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... I need some fun activities for a pack during the summer. We have a campout this month scheduled at the local scout camp.


Need some other ideas... (i.e. Go to local waterpark/waterslides.... go to minor league baseball game... frisbee golf tournament...)


Does anyone have any good events for summer months ?? Help !!

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Certainly not human-targetted lasertag, or bungee jumping, or water chugging, or any other restricted activity on http://www.scouting.org/HealthandSafety/gss/gss09.aspx


See http://www.scoutingmagazine.org/issues/0710/a-trail.html or http://www.threefirescouncil.org/index.php?option=com_content&id=184 for a way cool hiking program for cub scouts. A great way to get them outside on adventure all summer long.

Or Balloon Olympics - http://boyscouttrail.com/content/activity/balloon_olympics-1596.asp

Or Silly Olympics - http://boyscouttrail.com/content/game/silly_olympics-428.asp

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A fishing tournament is a great idea, and can often be done in conjunction with a Boy Scout troop, if they have room in their summer schedule.


The minor-league team in these parts has a designated "Scout Night" coordinated with the local council, where Scouts in uniform get in free and get to camp out on the diamond after the game. But there's certainly nothing stopping you from just going to a game as a pack!


A family picnic at a local state park is another good event. Connect with the naturalist staff and see if they can do a program for the Cubs and parents, too. That way you're also getting kids outdoors who aren't able to (or don't want to) go camping overnight.


One note... With many families already having made summer plans, this may be cutting it a bit close for planning purposes. You might want to focus more on activities that don't require a critical mass of Cubs (as in minimum group size) to attend.

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Community civic celebrations - parades, displays, picnic etc can be good opportunities to "piggy-back" pack participation without huge amounts of programming by the unit.


We are going geo-caching in a state park for one event.


Swimming event, skateboard park, hiking (in conjunction with a picnic or not), nature center visit.

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... to continue my response from the other thread:


For the past summers, our Pack have:

- attended District's Day Camp

- had a sleepover at the Battleship Texas

- had a sleepover at the zoo

- had a sleepover at NASA

- attended Astros baseball game

- had a swim party at the local pool

- held a "water blast" at the local park where the cubs brought their water guns and blasted the adults or each other. We also had the local fire truck there to do their fire talk and then blasted the Pack with their big water gun.

- held a chess tournament vs. the cubmaster (earning their chess blt loop)

- held aquanaut pin day for Web and swimming blt loop/pin for others

- held a hike at the local state parks ... lots more to see in terms of plants and animals during warm season

- held a bike rodeo


That's all that I could think right now.




I forgot ... we also have:


- held a Pack's night at the movie outdoor (showing "Down and Derby") ... or one could show "Follow Me, Boys"

- joined a local community open air concert night

- celebrated July 4th together ... at local community fireworks show

- planned a Saturday picnic at the park and/or State Park

- participated in Memorial Day parade

- participated in a company sponsored beach clean up

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Miniature Golf.


Any local industry can be approached for a tour "back stage". Saying "Cub Scouts" opens many a door.


If you have the initiative, get together with the other local CPacks and organize a Softball league.


Don't forget to apply for and earn the "Summer Activity Award".



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Check your local pools and see if there is time available to go swimming. Our local YMCA let us swim for free for our swimming belt loops and achievements.


We also did a bowling day last year. Maybe miniature golf day.


Have fun.

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Where we live, most camping and other outdoor activity is during the school year due to the weather.


For the summer, we have planned:

Ice skating

Minor league baseball game

Ice cream social

Movie matinee



Roller skating


Fire/rescue tour


Drive-thru safari


Other ideas? Some of these already were already mentioned, but...

Team sports beltloops


Hiking (age appropriate difficulty, of course)

Service project - clean up a park, plant trees, etc.

Family picnic - barbeque, horseshoes, baseball, sack races, etc. - potential recruiting opportunity, good time to invite new people so you can get to know each other while the boys have fun

Drive-in movie (not many left, but a few still around)

County fair

Petting zoo, farm, ranch, etc.

Wildlife sanctuary, nature center, state park, etc. - some offer guided programs

Science or other children's museum - also may offer educational/fun activity programs

Train tour (some areas have vintage "tourist"-type rides)

Local historical sites or other points of interest

"Living history" museums

Crafts (art centers, community programs, or just at a park pavilion)

Home Depot kids programs

Libraries and community centers may offer activity programs, especially in the summer

Gymnastics (recently did an event at a gymanstics school with a den to earn loops/pins - they really enjoyed it)

Model rockets


...wish I could take off the summer and do something every day!

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That's a great list. One thing though. Model Rockets are not an approved Cub Scout activity per G2SS. They can look at how they are put together and they can watch them launched from a safe distance, but Cub Scouts cannot participate in model rocketry. What they can do which they have great fun with is bottle rockets. These are made from two liters about a quarter full of water and then pumped up with a bicycle pump.

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