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Neckerchief Slides

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A great one I did with my boys (some years back) was to get Nascar helmits out of a bubblegum machine and have the boys drill holes in the tops. Would work good with those football helmets you get in the machines and doesn't take much time at all. I don't know if I would do it for EVERY months pack meeting, but maybe for specific events (ie. Pinewood Derby, Blue and Gold, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween etc...)

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We did this quite a bit in my Tiger den this year. I tended to fabricate a lot of the components ahead of time (cutting the pcv for the rings/drilling the baby food jar lids for slide backs) and had the parents run the glue guns for their kids.


Some easy examples:


Marbles belt loop - drill two holes in a baby food jar lid. Make a ring out of pipe cleaners that runs through the holes. Drop in enough glue and place the marbles onto the jar lid. We did this when we earned our marbles belt loop


Pinewood Derby Slides - Cut Door molding in 1 1/2" widths. Glue pvc ring to the back of the molding, and use screw hole covers or slices of wood dowels as wheels which are glued on the sides of the molding. Kids paint cars and decorate and we actually made the kids neckerchiefs out of checkerboard bandannas from the craft store to go along with this.


Lots of fun and it offsets the cost of the kids losing their offical slides which happens a ton.



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Each year in advance of Pinewood Derby I have my den do "pinewood slides" for that months program. Yes, no tigers with glue guns or knives, we simply had them bring hot wheel car, I provided the pvc pipe (painted some blue, gold, and black) with a couple holes drilled in it to give the glue some holding power. They decorate the pipe with a name, car name, den number, etc... and we glue on the car. We also have the boys do one for our scoutmaster each year and present it to him as a gift on race day. It is a nice project and gets them charged up before the Derby each year. Hope that helps.

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