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Looking for a used aluminum pinewood derby track

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I'm Cubmaster for Pack 145 out of Washington, NJ. Our old wooden track has seen better days. Does anyone know where I could purchase a 4 or 6 lane aluminum track at a reasonable price?

The Pack has around $500 to spend. Could maybe stretch it to 650 or 700 for the right track.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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It might be tough to find anyone willing to part with their 4 to 6 lane alumninum track, unless the pack is dissolving.


Occassionally, you will see tracks for listed on eBay or on the Trading Post on Derby Talk, http://derbytalk.com.'>http://derbytalk.com. Shipping can be rather expensive and I'd be worried about how the average Joe would package it up, unless you are extremely fortunate that they are in driving distance. Some people will sell their practice tracks, but those are generally two lane tracks.


Maybe you can do a fundraiser and get the added money to purchase a new track. A 4 lane 32-35ft track will run about $900, including shipping. A 3 lane 32-35ft track will run about $700, including shipping. With the 3 lane track, you could add a lane later to make it a 4 lane, but it can be a bit of a pain and there is added expense to change out all of the support brackets and start gate.


One last note, I'd recommend against anything more than a 4 lane track. I have too many of my software customers complain each year that it takes them too long to run race on 6 or 8 lane tracks. My recommendation to them is to run on only 4 lanes. Maybe you can find a pack in your area with a 6 or 8 lane track that would be willing to split it into two tracks. I've heard of it being done.


Stop by Derby Talk, http://derbytalk.com. About anything pertaining to building the cars and running the races is discussed there. There are also forums for Raingutter Regatta, Space Derby and Cubmobile races.(This message has been edited by gpraceman2)

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When we were back in Cubs the pack got a nice new aluminum track. We had a new parent who was something of a promoter and entrepreneur who sold banner ads to businesses along with mentions in the program to local business people. The pack got a new track with the sponsors "think NASCAR" footing the bill. Your pack is already on the way find a point person for the project and let them run with it.

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You can put aluminum track plating on to your wooden track. Check out Beta Craft ... http://www.betacrafts.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=23&products_id=61&osCsid=7311af842071a4ef8e747e8f311fb2c7 . It is a good alternative and should be within your price range.


... but be careful that it has its flaws as well!







Here is the write up on it from a pack:



Good luck!(This message has been edited by OneHour)

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OneHour - "... but be careful that it has its flaws as well!"


All tracks have their pros and cons, so it is worth doing some research before buying. Most all of the different commercially available tracks have been discussed on the Tracks forum of Derby Talk, so you can see what people using and running on these tracks say about them. Of course, you can also check out the information posted on the manufacturer's website.

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